Delsey Helium Cabin Case SFO
I travel frequently: usually at least one long haul trip a month, and several hops here and there. This year already I’ve been to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Peru, Milan, Paris, and, erm, Thirsk.

Last week I returned to California with my friends at Ferrari to test drive the California T, a kickass roadster with all-new twin-turbo V8. The trip was short: travel out on Wednesday, drive Thursday, fly back on the red eye overnight on Friday. Obviously this was going to be a hand baggage only trip.

So I took my new  super lightweight polycarbonate Delsey Helium Air 2 case with me: it’s a special limited edition version of Delsey’s iconic best-selling case released to celebrate their 70th anniversary. (And we’re giving away a Delsey Cabin case at the end of this post)

Ferrari California T trunk Delsey Helium Cabin Case

The House of Delsey was founded in Paris in 1946 to produce leather cases for digital cameras and devices, and it wasn’t until 1970 that the brand launched Delsey Airstyle, the very first line of hard-shelled luggage, and invented the Trolley System. (I remember very clearly that my parents had an entire range of the iconic hard shell Delsey luggage in the 80s.)

These days a Delsey bag is sold every 10 seconds, and the heavy hard-shell cases are a thing of the past: these days it’s all about superbly constructed, lightweight and durable luggage. They’re subjected to an extraordinary range of tests: from 5000 pulls of the zipper fastenings, to 7500 pulls of the integral trolley system.

Ferrari California T footwell Delsey Helium

Ferrari California T trunk Delsey Helium Cabin Case
So, is it possible to fit everything in this compact cabin case? Well, yes, as it turned out. Instead of taking a large handbag for my laptop, snacks (vital), magazines, water bottle, headphones and make up bag, I took my Vuitton carryall  (which is just under cabin size, and fitted neatly on top of the Delsey for wheeling) in case I wanted to bring anything back with me, or bought any duty-free, and the combination of the two was perfect. It also meant that I didn’t need to unzip my Delsey at security  – or at any point on the flight.

Delsey Helium Cabin Case interior empty

I really like the mesh cover on one side of the bag, which kept my clothes separate and flat. So on that side, I managed to fit jeans, underwear, bras & socks, leggings & gym vest, a large Breton sweater, silk scarf, five pretty tops, a cocktail dress, slip, nightie, and a swimsuit. (I pretty much packed everything in navy and white so it all went together.)

Delsey Helium Cabin Case interior packed

On the right, I fitted my  multi-tasking grey Nike trainers (good for gym, light hiking and driving), Gucci loafers – they go with everything, silver evening shoes (similar here), a clear plastic cosmetic bag with contacts, cottonwool and cotton buds, and my padded Eagle Creek tech box containing a huge array of chargers, cables, spare phones, headphones etc etc.

Delsey Helium Cabin Case interior packed

Delsey Helium Cabin Case exterior 55cm
To give you an idea of just how compact the 55cm case is: here it is next to my town car en route to SFO airport last week.

lincoln town car delsey helium

If you’d like to be given your own Delsey 55cm Cabin Case, just leave a comment below telling us whether you are a light or a heavy packer! And why! The terms & conditions for the giveaway can he found here:

Delsey Helium Cabin Case Virgin Revivals lounge


The Delsey Helium Air2 Cabin Case sitting pretty in the Virgin Revivals Upper Class lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 3

For its 70th anniversary, DELSEY has chosen Paris for the launch of its first Pop-Up Store, an elegant setting for its birthday celebrations. The Paris retail experience, which is open from May 21 to June 19, marks the highpoint of a special year, punctuated by events and innovative launches that recognise the brand’s importance.

The Helium Air 2 will be available in five sizes : Cabin Slim 55 cm , 55 cm Cabin , 64 cm, 70 cm and 76 cm; and in three colors: grey, purple and light blue, and with an exclusive 70’s style lining.

This post was written in association with Delsey. Sasha was a guest of Ferrari and Visit California in California in May 2016.

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I aspire to. be a light packe. This case sound help….


I’d love to say I pack lightly but I like to have everything with me that I might conceivably need and I am paranoid about risking being too cold. I even took jeans to Italy last August which of course stayed in my bag all week. Perhaps the right luggage would help 😉

This case looks great and I have my fingers crossed firmly as I have never owned anything but a hand me down suitcase…

Ps – love your redesign x


Over years of travelling for work I have honed my skills to that of a light packing pro! I can now get everything I need for a week into cabin luggage, and still have room for my runners (even if I only use them to power walk around the local shopping establishments) and to wedge in a little gift for my nephew on the trip back.


I am a heavy packer despite travelling for a year with a tiny back pack a number of years ago. How did I ever do that? I’d love to be more lightweight with my packing but it’s always the little voice in my head saying ‘ you might need that’ that makes me cram my case full of all my worldly belongings. Perhaps if I had a sleek, sexy silver Delsey suitcase to accompany me on my travels then I could mend my bad packing ways. Fingers crossed! X


Often the amount I pack will depend on how I’m travelling! If I’m going somewhere by car or train I can’t help but overpack… but as soon as I’m flying I plan everything out in the finest detail. Would love to win this fantastic giveaway ahead of my honeymoon in Boston and Cape Cod in the summer!


I try to be a light packer but am usually a heavy one. I haven’t done a long haul trip in a while (only mini breaks) and usually pack more than I need… and always forget at least one thing I need!
I’m writing this even though I live in America and am sadly not eligible for the contest, but wanted to answer it anyway. 🙂


This is my dream bag! Chic subtle style and it would force me to pack light.


Oh it is very nice!

I also pack lightly, because at then end of the you get wearing the same cloths like home, even if you have a big wardrobe. If they don’t fit at home, they will not fit away 🙂

I was always admiring these elegant silhouettes from Delsey in the airports, even the color is impressive!


Definitely a heavy packer – I always start with good intentions of packing light and sometimes even manage it but then ruin it by thinking ‘well I might need this 4th pair of almost identical shoes and i’ve got space so would be silly not to take them’ – repeat until my case is overflowing.


I’m a kitchen sink packer. A “don’t stop until the case is full” packer. A “throw it in at the last minute, you never know what the weather might be, maybe this work trip would be a good moment to try this new unworn item I’m in two minds about” packer.

I’m a dreadful packer …

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