When I received an email suggesting super facilaist Vaishaly Patel for A Day in the Life, I was thrilled.

I’ve had tricky skin since my twenties. I think it’s karmic payback for having absolutely perfect skin as a teenager. No breakouts, no acne…then, in my first proper job in the late 90s it all started to go wrong. I saw a smart dermatologist on my Conde Nast health insurance, who diagnosed seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. I tried various pharmaceutical options for the continuous clusters of breakouts on my temples and chin, but nothing much worked.

Then I started seeing Vaishaly in her then rooms at the Mayfair hairdressing salon Martyn Maxey. I’d read about her incredible eyebrow shaping, using the then novel threading process, in The Sunday Times, and made an appointment. She gave me goddess eyebrows and, more importantly, suggested she could help with my problem skin. 

And help, she did. Using micro-dermabrasion, massage and various unguents my skin cleared up completely over six months, and I’ve not had a problem with breakouts since. (Other than rosacea-linked ones.)

Over to you Vaishaly!

I set up the Vaishaly clinic in 2002 having previously rented a room in a hairdressers in Mayfair for 5 years. I set up the business as I had so many clients that wanted something different and what I feel I have now established is a clinic that caters for individual needs with results. I have been on the most incredible journey over the past 13 years enjoying seeing my clients get the skin they have wanted for so long

7am: I am up early with my son as this is our time together before the day begins properly, so I always make sure we have breakfast together and chat about what lies ahead for us both! He is only two, but a real character and I love this time of the day before we head out to nursery.


9am: I always try and arrive at the clinic before my girls arrive so that I can check the machinery we use, and ensure that the place is ready to go for the day ahead. We are incredibly passionate as a team about what we do, so it’s also a time for catching up with everyone and to discuss any issues/news and ensure that we are all on board for the busy day in front of us.

10am: I am so blessed that I have the loveliest clients that come in to see me on a regular basis. Not only do I get to know them as people but also know their skin so when they come in I am able to quickly assess what has occurred since their last visit and work to resolve any problems.

11am: No day is the same at the clinic I vary my time between facials/laser, eyebrow threading, and a lot of consulting with clients to ensure they get what they want skin wise. I also have a number of journalists who come in with a specific story in mind, so I always like to spend time with them and ensure they get a full picture of the business.

Recently there has been a lot of interest in my signature facial which incorporates cranial sacral therapy. It’s  a way of getting the client to fall into a state of total relaxation and let go of the day. Many people find it hard to ‘let go’ and come in feeling apprehensive. I am always surprised by the ones that do and how they look and feel afterwards.

1pm: I like to go out for lunch and normally pop to one of the wonderful brasseries on Marylebone High Street but I have to ensure that I am not out for too long and tempted into the shops! I always eat healthily at lunchtime to ensure I have lots of energy for the afternoon ahead.


2pm: I am always in the process of devising new products which has become a big part of my business. I encourage my clients to use my products and simplify their beauty routine. When I have a quiet moment in the day I use the time to research and test out new formulas for the next big launch.

5pm: I normally leave the clinic and go straight to pick up my son from my mother’s house where he always is in good spirits having had a wonderful time with Granny. I am very lucky to have my mother living so near me; she spends a lot of time with my son when I am working which I feel is very important for both of them.

6pm: My partner and I try to have an early dinner as we are both tired from our day and like to enjoy some down time reading or catching up on Netflix which always helps me to wind down.


My partner is the cook in the house and normally prepares something fresh and delicious. I love coming home never knowing what is on the menu he knows what I like but always likes to surprise me

9.30pm: My beauty routine is based on my skincare philosophy of ‘less is more’. Every day I use two simple skincare steps: my cleansing balm followed by a night nourisher.

I advise my clients to ensure that massage becomes part of their routine both in the morning and at night. Not only will the products work more effectively but the difference in the skin is incredible.I am a firm believer that the younger you start with facial massage, the more effective it will be but it’s never too late to start as it can make a real instant difference at every age.

10pm: I like to go to bed quite early during the week and always read before I do so for pure escapism. I am currently reading Open the door to your Heart by Ajahn Brahmn, which contains funny real life Buddhist stories that each contain a meaning.


Address: 51 Paddington St, London W1U 4HR
Phone:+44 20 7224 6088

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I went and saw Amy today for a skin consult. Even just 30 minutes felt so lovely. Unlike the few facials I’ve had elsewhere – which left me red, irritated for weeks, and in tears – I walked away feeling like maybe I’ll be in control of my rosacea from now on instead of it controlling me. I can’t wait for my specialist facial in a couple weeks!

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