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Dear Sasha – would you like to go bowling on Friday night with some friends to celebrate Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays’ £350,000 refurbishment?


So would, it turned out, Hannah, Mark and Chloe. Here’s Chlo in her shiny new Donna Ida Sadie boiler suit.

Chloe Beeney

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I worked so hard last week that I thought my head would spin, as I bounced around London like a rubber ball. Bowling seemed like an excellent way to wind down. Beer, bowls, hot dogs. What’s not to like?

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As a card-carrying North Londoner, it takes quite a lot to get me south of the river, and Surrey Quays sounds a looooooong way off, down and off towards Greenwich. But, as it turns out, it’s not so far from Tower Bridge and Shad Thames (about ten minutes by cab), and not quite as far as, say, the O2 or Canary Wharf. From Camden it takes about forty minutes by tube, pretty much an average London journey.

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I am never going to win all the prizes at bowls, but I love trying to not be crap.

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Thank you Chloe for the action pics!

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There’s been a complete revamp of the diner, and we got to try everything. Chloe and Mark worked their way through the hot dogs, and mini sliders, and Hannah and I inhaled the halloumi sliders, French fries and nachos.

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Although the diner looks super cute, we had all our food delivered to the lane, so we could bowl and stuff our faces simultaneously.

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The touch-screen technology means that players can share their scores on social media, and post their strikes on Facebook.



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I am TERRIBLE at bowling, and feel no need to tell all the people on Facebook about my lack of skilz but I do love it. I did, however, get a strike on my very last bowl, YAY.

We stopped by the amusement arcade on the way out, so Chloe could kill some ducks.

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Thank you very much to Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays for hosting us on Friday night.

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The decor of Hollywood Bowl is so retro, I love it! As for my bowling skills, I can be quite hit-and-miss (LOL see what I did there?) but what I lack in precision I make up for in brute force…let’s form a team Sasha! x

Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored


What a nice trip to HOLLYWOOD SURREY QUAY! Fantastic!

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