The Blue Lagoon Iceland

It really is blue, properly, quite disconcertingly blue. And quite, quite wonderful.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Much of the Icelandic scenery is flat and volcanic down in the south western corner of the island, where the Blue Lagoon is situated between the airport and Reykjavik. (It’s perfectly possible to visit for a few hours en route to the airport if your flight is in the afternoon.) The lagoon building itself rises up from the landscape, so you can’t miss it if you are driving there.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

It’s wise to book in advance, as popular times sell out, (I’ve put all the details at the end of the post), but even at its busiest it doesn’t feel in the slightest bit cramped, apart from in the very extensive dressing rooms where the lockers get filled quickly.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

I had a massage booked in advance, and it was the most extraordinary – and wonderful experience. You swim (or wade) over to a far corner of the lagoon and bob about until your name is called. Then you duck under a rope and manoeuvre yourself onto a yoga mat with a head rest, anchored by your masseur, who wraps you in a huge wet fleece blanket

The massage is then conducted whilst you float on your mat, with various limbs extracted for attention from underneath their warm, wet, fleecy blanket. It sounds bizarre, but the massage is strong and effective, and curiously relaxing, considering you are a little worried about tipping off a half submerged yoga mat.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Nothing prepares you for how nippy it is when you leave the sanctuary of the main building, slip off your gown and head for the steps.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

swimming cap

What you need to pack:
A swimsuit or bikini, flip flops, swimming cap if you have coloured hair (I like these tight fitting Speedo ones), hair band, towel and a plastic bag for it afterwards, if booking the basic package. The showers have multi-purpose shower gel and conditioner provided, which was fine, but bring your own if you prefer something fancy.  Face cream etc for afterwards. There are powerful hairdryers in the dressing rooms and plenty of power points if you want to bring your own straighteners etc. If you want to take photos IN the lagoon, pack a waterproof case for your cellphone.

Which ticket type?
Book in advance, especially if you want a massage, which I highly recommend. There are various types of ticket on offer, ranging from the Standard entrance ticket (€35)  to the Luxury (€165). The most popular, apparently, is the Comfort (€50), which adds on a towel, free drink, small tube of face cream & a tiny pot of algae face mask to use in the lagoon.

But, if you have room in your case, don’t mind toting a damp towel afterwards (bring a big plastic bag), and are happy to just drink the free and delicious Icelandic tap water, I’d pass on the Comfort package, as you’d be better off saving the extra €15, given how not cheap everything is in Iceland. Further information here.

Blue Lagoon, 240 Grindavík, Iceland. Telephone: +354 420 8800

With huge thanks to Icelandair for a magical three days in Iceland earlier this year. My story on Reykjavik is here, on Icelandic horses-not-ponies here, and on exploring Iceland’s Southern Coast is here.
With an Icelandair Stopover you can stay in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare when flying on any transatlantic route.
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I visited in April of last year and it was one of my favorite places i have ever been. There’s something so calming and relaxing about the place you just never want to leave. It truly is extraordinary. x

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