Launching a US edition of my cookbook Friends, Food, Family: Essential Recipes, Tips & Secrets for the Modern Hostess from was, in the time-honoured cliché, beyond my wildest dreams. (Releasing it here in the UK was incredible enough.)

So you can imagine my delight when people started saying lovely things about it in some of my favourite American publications from W to Domino, Architectural Digest to Lonny.

I also thought this might be a good time to point out that it’s on SALE FOR AN AMAZING $9.51, a 62% discount on the list price of $24.95 ON AMAZON.COM today, so this would be an excellent time to buy a copy for everyone for Christmas. Subtle, am I not?! (It’s also reduced in the UK to £13 – also a tremendous bargain!)

And here are the links to some of the reviews and stories that have appeared so far (more to come!):

Architectural Digest – Where to Eat in London, According to British Blogger Sasha Wilkins
“Sasha Wilkins is the sort of girl you want at your dinner party. The Wall Street Journal Magazine style editor turned lifestyle blogger has perfected that effortlessly elegant kind of cooking that says, “I just whipped up this terrific cake after a day at the park.”

Domino –  The Modern Hostess Handbook By A Blogger Who KNOWS This Stuff
“Sasha Wilkins, or as you know her, Liberty London Girl, just released her new cookbook, Friends, Food, Family: Essential Recipes, Tips, and Secrets For The Modern Hostess–and these recipes are real. They’re designed for the hostess that actually wants to attend her party, rather than spend half of it in the kitchen. Don’t be shocked if a few of these scrumptious recipes work their way into your daily cooking routine, too!”

Lonny With her new cookbook, LibertyLondonGirl blogger Sasha Wilkins is officially the British culinary babe we want to be.
“Our rampant Anglophilia aside, we wholeheartedly recommend this book as one you’ll cook from frequently, not just display…If we could fall right into the pages of this cookbook and live happily ever after, we would.”

MyDomaine6 of the Best New Books to Read this Fall
“We are absolutely hooked on the recipes in her new cookbook.”

Chicago Now –  Cooking the Books
“Given Wilkins’ creativity, it’s a safe bet her “friends and family” equate eating what she’s prepared with happiness, perhaps even going so far as to consider it one of their favorite occupations…Her taste is impeccable, her sense of style spot-on.”

W Magazine – The fashion blogger-turned-cookbook author shares her recipe for social media success.

ELLE Decor – Eat, Entertain, and shop for flowers like a London “It” Girl

The ChalkboardThe Six Top Bookstores For Foodies by Sasha Wilkins
“If entertaining is your superpower, and you tend to cook for friends no matter where you travel, you’ll love Friends Food Family.”

Rue MagazineLinks we love
“Friends, Food, Family is sure to be a staple in our kitchen all season long”

ELLE Decor  –  Six Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving

Mindbodygreen –  Meatless Dinner Idea: Asparagus Risotto With Pea Puree

The Glitter Guide – How to Throw The Perfect Friendsgiving

Thank you so much everyone for all your support with FFF – it could never happened without all my lovely readers, whose encouragement has felt like a virtual hand hold all the way.

And, if you have bought it, and perhaps liked it, do fee free to leave a positive review on Amazon ​*hopeful face*​

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Someone left a lovely comment for me today on my tiny blog, and I’m going to pay it forward here. Not only am I so happy for you, because of the well-deserved and hard earned success of your book, but I also want to say what an inspiration your professional journey has been. When I first discovered your blog a few years ago, I enjoyed it so much that I went back through the archives and read at least another few years of posts. Meandering from editor to blogging entrepreneur to cookbook author is proof positive that we can all have multiple passions – such as travel, fashion and food – and, particularly in this day and age, make a living from them if we are willing to work hard at the things we love.

I wish you the very, very best for further success in the future, and sincerely thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. It is often only the example of others that keep the rest of us reminded that almost all things are possible if we just continue to forge ahead.

Oh, and, congratulations!!!!!


Goodness, that is an amazing list of reviews, so pleased for you! I bought mine last year, and funnily enough was planning on dipping into it today for a lazy Saturday afternoon baking session – a more relaxing alternative to fighting the Christmas shopping crowds this weekend!


Book looks great…there is no such thing as enough beautiful recipe books x


Your book features the three most important F-words 🙂 Congratulations!

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