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I’m thrilled that my dear friend Camilla Morton has given us two posts for LLG, based around her delightful new book Make Life Beautiful

Camilla is the bestselling author of How To Walk In High Heels, which was translated into seventeen languages, and A Year In High Heels. She is a fashion journalist, and spent many years working for Dior. For this book Camilla approached some of the world’s most exciting fashion designers and insiders, including Manolo Blahnik, Paul Smith, Lulu Guinness, Stephen Jones, and Christian Lacroix to share their ideas for adding a chic and irreverent twist to your world.

Today Camilla talks about what makes life beautiful for her, and the next post will be from one of the world’s greatest hair session stylists Sam McKnight, as he gives us his personal recipe for Shortbread Braids from Make Life Beautiful.

Over to you Camilla:

What makes life beautiful? Or is that WHO? Life is so busy sometimes that we forget who and what matters most. I believe that it’s important not to google what’s beautiful – you need to make it, live it, try it.

Fashion hides behind a misconception of its own making: that everyone in it is cold and aloof, but behind those polished exteriors are the most creative and loyal friends I know. This book is beautiful to me because it’s a Who’s Who of not only fashion greats but of people who I love and who constantly amaze me.

I spent the last decade in a couture house, writing fairytales, where make believe was as real as the collections being created. When I started to think about this book my boss, best friend and hero had just been fired and I wasn’t sure life was beautiful, or that inspiring. But, rather than mope, I went to Japan to follow the cherry blossom and decided to take the advise of Jane Austen’s Emma: to let my friends show me how to make or bake something that they loved to do.

However, I hope you’ll find this book isn’t just another ‘how to’. This book is also about creative magic, a mix of high fashion glossy meets Blue Peter (the legendary English children’s how to TV show), because it’s the idea that’s priceless, not the price tag.

So really this book is a tribute to those that make life beautiful for me; from Manolo Blahnik who let me turn his love of ginger biscuits into a version of his iconic Sex in the City Buckle shoe, to Nick Knight capturing the beauty of a perfect cup of tea.

8.Stephen Jones, Nicholas Kirkwood, Camilla Morton and Sara Berman Stephen Jones, Nicholas Kirkwood, Camilla Morton and Sara Berman at Camilla’s book launch

I hope it will inspire you, as much as it helped remind me what makes life truly beautiful, it’s the people. From Amanda Harlech and Val Garland to Marian Newman and Nicholas Kirkwood, the people in here are some of the most talented and creative that I know, and it is dedicated to three of my most loyal and inspiring friends: my fairy godmother Mrs. B, (otherwise known at Joan Burstein of retailer Browns), designer Michael Howells and the fashion writer and critic Alexander Fury.

Cynics say there can’t possibly be ‘happy endings’ but this book helped me find the next chapter in my life: commissioning and nurturing as well writing books, and I hope that this one will make you smile and maybe inspire you to try something new.


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Definitely sweet, no room for bitterness!


Dear Sasha, I think I’m sweet! The reason is I truly believe in positive thinking, kindness ‘the smile you send out returns to you’ Care for people, smile be thoughtful. It’s a wonderful life.

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