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(The beautiful opening show of London Fashion Week: JJ S Lee)

This season the official London Fashion Week venue has moved from the stately Georgian surroundings of Somerset House to a Brutalist concrete car park in the middle of Soho. Whilst the cobblestones of the former’s courtyard were potential ankle-breakers, the endless ramps of the latter have proved even more calf-stretching (there’s only a very small elevator), so this season I’m sticking to sneakers – boxfresh white Adidas Superstars for choice, and Gucci snaffle loafers for pounding those steps.

Brewer street car park

Hunter show
(The ramp up to the Hunter Originals show venue behind Euston Station.)

Although the shows aren’t nearly as spread out as they used to be (when I first started as an editor some designers honestly expected us to be able to get from Notting Hill in the West to Shoreditch in the East in twenty minutes – that’s like driving from one end of Manhattan to the other) there is still a lot of moving around between presentations so it’s hard to make time to eat. It’s tempting to just stuff one’s face with the free candy and rubbish that’s always kicking around instead of stopping for lunch. So I always, always pack good snacks in my handbag for nibbling on the hoof. (I buy American Kind bars on Amazon.)

kind bars

That way I never get those horrible low blood sugar moments where I want to snap everyone’s heads off – or just cry with tiredness in the back of the car. I always try to make delicious granola bars in advance, using the recipe from my cookbook Friends, Food, Family: they’re packed with excellent slow-release carbs like oats and barley, along with nutritious and protein-packed seeds and nuts to help keep the synapses popping.

London Fashion Week bags
(On my left Martha’s Ward’s divine Alexander Lewis mermaid tulle, and to my right, Susie Lau’s Molly Goddard Confection. I’m wearing Adidas sneakers, an Atterley Road frock (gifted)  and a Bulgari Serpenti handbag (gifted))

Whilst New York editors are used to calling Uber for their transportation needs, I prefer to use Hailo. That’s the app that calls you a traditional black cab in London, as opposed to a laconic dude in a Prius with a sat nav. When you’ve got fifteen minutes to get to a presentation on the other side of Mayfair you want a cabbie who has the streets of London programmed into his – or her – head, not into a machine on the dashboard. That way you’ll be evading the traffic jams, not sitting in them.

I loathe blow drying my long hair and resent that I can’t do email whilst I’m doing it, so I always try to get at least two blow outs during LFW so that I can work whilst someone else does my hair (and think of the time it saves in the mornings). I always recommend Blow in Covent Garden: they’re a ten minute walk from the LFW venue, they open at 7am, do excellent makeup and nail touch ups too, and you can be out of the door in under an hour with a bulletproof blow out, and a full face of make up. They’re invaluable: cannot recommend highly enough. www.blowltd.com

Shaftesbury avenue(Yay! Sunshine this morning on Shaftesbury Avenue.)

Remember that London weather changes all the time. It can go from blazing sunshine at 8am to torrential rain an hour later. Download the BBC Weather app onto your ‘phone and check it at regular intervals. Drowned rat is not the look of the season. (This is my umbrella of choice.)

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LFW is so exhausting… I’m staying home this season- it’s a tough week at the best of times but LFW poorly is another kind of hell I don’t fancy repeating! Great advice on the new venue… I wondered how that would work.


LFW used to stress me out so much, and this is coming from someone who didn’t even work in fashion but is just there for the spectacle! I’ve whittled it down to absolute favourite designers + friend’s shows and parties only, and even so you’d have to pry me off my sofa to get me to look presentable (I live in a boiler suit and my fragrance is Eau de Febreeze. True story). Spot on with the Hailo tip and on wearing sneakers – comfort and efficiency is the name of the fashion week game! Looking forward to the rest of your LFW posts. x

Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


Practical tips! I couldn’t believe how many ramps there were either, so glad I wore various flats apart from one day where mules killed my legs!
Couldn’t agree more about Blow, such a brilliant concept!
Hope you have had a good fashion week.

Allie xx | Rush & Teal


Fruit bar is essential! Love that yellow handbag by the way.

XO, Jessi


The only thing that could make that amazing bag pop more is a KIND bar made especially for the UK. And yup.. we have it! KIND is launching here in October. We didn’t know you were such a fan, Sasha. Thanks so much! Let’s connect when you can.

x Katie


Beautiful photos!

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