I am extremely excited to share with you all the cover for the US edition of my cookbook Friends, Food, Family: Essential Recipes, Tips & Secrets for the Modern Hostess from

The more eagled-eyed amongst you will notice that there is also a slight title change: one of the working titles for the book was The Modern Hostess, which I loved, but was over-ruled on, so I’m very happy to see it back on the cover, albeit in a minor key.

I absolutely love this cover, and I’d love to know what you all think too! Pre-orders are now open on Amazon.Com, and it hits retail shelves on 01 September.

There is an amazing pre-order 50% discount on the list price of $24.95 on Amazon right now, so it’s now available for an amazing $12.95. What a great opportunity to buy your Christmas presents in advance!!

*hopeful face*

I am also hoping that I’ll be able to finally meet lots of my US-based readers in the fall: if you happen to live somewhere that you think I should visit to talk, demo, or cook dinner, please let me know in the comments or by email.

Thank you so much everyone for all your support with FFF – it could never happened without all my lovely readers, whose encouragement has felt like a virtual hand hold all the way.


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Sasha, this is gorgeous. I am pre-ordering now. I love the reference to “modern hostess”. As a Scot living in Seattle (an exciting, vibrant, foodie city), I’d love to see you here.


Please do come to Boston! I just moved there from London and would love to meet you in person. Boston in the fall is lovely!


Great cover! Congrats Sasha x


We’d love to see you in Denver! I’m going to pre-order right now.


Northern California loves food:). Best independent bookstore in my neighborhood is called Keplers – been in the community for at least 50 years!


I am so excited for this! I preordered it right away! Portland, OR would love to see you!


I’d love to meet you in New Orleans!


I am so excited for this book! I’d love for you to visit D.C., this book seems tailor made for us. 🙂

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