Helambu Nepal
Photo of Helambu village, Nepal, via the Facebook page of Sangye Hyolmo, a Nepalese helicopter pilot based in Kathmandu, who is heli-evacuating Nepali villagers whose homes have been completely flattened, as above. 

MondoChallenge Foundation. Charity Registration No. 1106237

MondoChallenge Foundation works at grassroots to support education and livelihoods in Nepal, NE India (Kalimpong/Darjeeling) and in Tanzania, where they help women with HIV to set up businesses. My father Nicholas is the Chairman of Trustees.

MondoChallenge Foundation are trying to help people in almost impossible to reach rural areas in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on Saturday. They have been in immediate contact with Jimmy Lama, their country manager in Nepal.  The situation in their core region of Helambu, 70 km NE of Kathmandu is catastrophic.  They have taken stock of the events and are now launching an appeal for funds given the dire situation on the ground.

Most villages have lost many of their dwellings, leaving villagers homeless.  The schools, many of which Mondo painstakingly helped build or expand over the past five years, are  either completely or partially destroyed.  A number of deaths have tragically taken place and many people are injured.

Communications by road are completely closed, aid is very slow to reach these areas, and they are helping Jimmy organise helicopter evacuation for the most serious cases.

Whilst they will need substantial funds for longer term reconstruction to help villagers return to their normal life and children to continue their education, they have opened a JustGiving page to provide emergency funds for Jimmy and his team to use in the most extreme cases, and without delay.

Please give generously.


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I am going to be donating all the proceeds from my pop up on the 9th May to Nepal funds so will make sure some go to Nitish’s page. We are also going to be doing a pop up solely to raise money for Nepal so again will donate to Nitish’s page from that. Thank you for sharing.

Rosie xx


Hey there
I hope you enjoyed your quick visit here in Manhattan. Best wishes for a speedy recovery at the hospital. In regards to Nepal, Our company is setting up some relief aide to help support the victims of this devastation.

Welcome to the new member of your family and I love the finish on the sofa /bed especially the legs which kind of remind me of their little legs 🙂

As always, all the best


Heartbreaking news. Thanks for highlighting this specific campaign. I’ve wanted to ‘help’ in some way but confused by all the options. I’ve donated.


Utter tragedy. Thanks for bringing it up – I’ve made a small donation to Mondo.


Thanks for this, I too have donated.


My poor village 🙁


My birth place
Tarkey Ghyang is totally destroyed by evil earthquake 2015

Still All the villagers r homeless
Go to hell Nepali government 🙁

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