chocolate brownie pudding

I’m particularly pleased to be contributing a regular food column to The Pool along with, occasionally, some imagery to illustrate my pieces – like the photos I styled and shot above and below.

You may have read this piece in The Guardian, or this one in The Independent, or maybe you’ve seen me Tweeting, or maybe you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about when I mention The Pool.

Put simply, The Pool is a new website for women, which drops new stories hourly throughout the day by some of Britain’s most interesting female writers, including Laura Craik and Sali Hughes. It was founded by two women I both like and admire enormously, Sam Baker, previously Editor-in-Chief of Red, and cultural commentator and BBC Radio 6 DJ Lauren Laverne.

To come up with The Pool, which is billed as ‘a website for women who are too busy to browse’, there has been lots of clever thinking going on about how we use websites, and the end result is a site that’s been designed to be simple to navigate and easy to use. In particular, check out the brilliant mobile optimised site, with its clever scrollable story wheel.

I love that each story on The Pool has the amount of time in minutes that it will take to read. If you haven’t got time now, you can save stories to your own Pool scrapbook, once you’ve signed up, and read them later. That clever planning even stretches to the recipes: they’re entitled ‘what to eat tonight’, so readers can buy the ingredients they need on the way home.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m writing a regular food column, along with my friend the Wahaca owner, cookbook writer, and Guardian recipe writer Thomasina Miers, as well as contributing original recipes to the site.

I’m using the column to hopefully demystify cooking and entertaining at home – it worries me that people overthink both of these things, which can be so pleasurable, not arduous chores.

My first column here, takes the idea of mastering two or three key recipes which, when easily modified, can provide easy dishes for practically any occasion, and the second tackles the idea of a kitchen audit: purging the cupboards of the so-called kitchen essentials you’ve never even taken out of the box, let alone used.

romanesco cauliflower with whole spices

My first recipe is now up: for steamed Romanesco cauliflower with whole-spices, and my second is now up – it’s for particularly delicious courgette fritters with a tomato relish.

Recipe - Courgette Fritters with tomato relish

Oh and I’ve also contributed a shelfie of the towering bookcase in my kitchen, that contains part of my extensive cookbook collection, with a short commentary on some of my favourite food books, from Arabella Boxer to Jeffery Steingarten.

Do take a look at the site and let us know what you think…


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What a brilliant concept- especially telling you how much time it will take to read and article and allowing you to pool it. Congrats on the new column, Carol.


Welcome back to NY for a quick visit. I hope you are enjoying the…mostly nice weather
All the best


Welcome (back) to America!!!
What excitement your posts have lately, I too would love to go to Iceland even if it was for a day or two…Thank you for introducing us to The Pool, and helping us to get over anxiety involved in entertaining. For me it is kind of like exercising, I always make excuses and dread the IDEA of it but, once I start, I find it enjoyable. My teenage nieces keep hounding me about coming over and hanging out but I don’t know what they would like to eat? They both like Chinese, and Asian style cuisine…Any ideas?


What a brilliant idea! I keep trying to google it and totally failing to track it down though. Am I going bananas?


I love The Pool already. Also, I cooked your courgettes with tomato relish recipe on Friday – they were delicious and really easy to do.


They look to good to resist tasting. Especially the cauliflower. I don’t really like it but the way it looks in your photo makes me wanna try it. That’s something!


Thank you for introducing The Pool and what a great column to be writing – I agree with your worries and feel that many people are missing out on one of the great joys in life! Congrats on the column, I’m sure your approach to cooking will inspire many to cook more and try their own hand at entertaining! xx


Read all the articles you’ve linked to, thanks for sharing. PS – I’ve cooked Eve’s pudding today and it was lovely. I used peaches and almonds. And also vanilla and chocolate ice-cream to serve x

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