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(My legs in DL Jeans, Valentino Rockstud heels & Falke Cotton Touch Socks)

I love Fenwick of Bond Street. It is a small but perfectly formed department store, stocking a wonderful and considered edit of fashion, beauty, millinery and accessories. I worked just around the corner at Vogue House for five or so years in my twenties, and rather too much of my salary went on trousers from Joseph, lunch at Joe’s with my girlfriends, and lingerie and tights from the ground floor.

Especially the tights. Fenwick’s has always had arguably the best edited hosiery department in London. That’s because of Sue, their in-store expert on everything related to hosiery, with over 40 years’ of experience. So when Fenwick’s decided to revamp the department Sue worked in collaboration with Shayne Brady of Brady Williams to create the ultimate destination for hosiery, housing the largest hosiery collection from around the world.

To celebrate the opening tomorrow (Wednesday), I pulled together four looks from the shop floor and asked Sue to suggest the perfect hosiery for each look.

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Dear Sue
I’m heading off to Ascot but last year it was pretty chilly on opening day, and so I want some tights that are so sheer and so near to my skin tone that no one could ever believe I am wearing them. I especially want to avoid that shiny look.

Sue recommends :Falke Shelina 12 Denier Ultra Transparent Shimmer Tights

These are incredibly lightweight, so perfect for a smart outfit. The way to test if they match your skin tone is to take the tester stocking and slide it over your hand. Hopefully it will have a ladder in it. Look through the ladder to your skin: if the tone is right, you won’t be able to see the ladder.

You’d be surprised how often the customer picks a colour that looks right in the packet, but when they actually hold it against their skin in this way we realise they need to go a shade darker. We stock 48 shades of sheer tights, so we know we have the right colour for pretty much everyone. The secret to putting sheer tights on without laddering is to dampen your hands and stroke the tights up your calves and then over your knees.

Philosophy coat £755, Sarah Cant hat £650, Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch £65,
Paul Andrews Navy Suede Kimura Heels £445
Falke Shelina 12 Denier Ultra Transparent Shimmer Tights £10

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Dear Sue
I want to wear ankle socks with these fabulous rainbow Valentino Rockstud heels. Because there are so many straps, I need something sheer and in a colour that will enhance the colours, not fight with them.

Sue recommends: Falke Cotton Touch Socks in Randlos, in col 7671, £10. These work because they are superfine, so the pointy toe shoe will still fit. They also don’t have ribbing at the top, so they look great slightly pushed down, and they won’t leave marks on your ankles. The grey colour also really enhances the rainbow-bright colours.

Falke Cotton Touch Socks in Randlos 7671, £10
Valentino Rockstud heels £665, DL Riley boyfriend jeans £170

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Dear Sue
I love a brogue with boyfriend jeans, but I definitely need to wear socks with them, or I’ll get blisters. Because my jeans are rolled, I want my socks to make a statement, but I’m a bit old for motif socks (although my secret 14 year old self still longs for the bumblebee print ones I wore all those years ago).

Sue recommends: Antipast socks, £19.95
These lovely Japanese socks have a pretty floral pattern, in a colourway that picks up the colour of the brogues, but they are still neutral enough so they don’t fight with the strong orange of the silk top.

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Kurt Geiger Lily Low Heel brogues in Nude £79, Antipast socks £19.95
Stills Silk Blouse in Orange £180, DL Riley boyfriend jeans £170

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Dear Sue
I have a thing for wearing sheer black skirts, usually lace, sometimes crochet or fine knit. I don’t like to wear petticoats, as I think it looks more modern to show the legs underneath. That means I need opaque tights to wear underneath the skirt, to preserve my modesty….

Sue Recommends: Wolford Individual 100 Leg Support in Black £39.

These are possibly the thickest tights on the market, so there’s no hint of skin tone showing through, and although they are expensive they last for a long time.

Wolford Individual 100 Leg Support in £39, House of Holland Zebra skirt £255
Lanvin Slip-on Skate in Black £340, 

The new Fenwick of Bond Street hosiery department has over 48 shades of sheer tights, covering the full spectrum of skin tones and even more opaque colours. An impressive sock wall has florals, Argyll, coloured, embellished, lurex, and footsies. They will be stocking the following brands: Wolford, Falke, Fogal, Oroblu, Pierre Mantoux, Spanx, Pretty Polly, Nubian Skin, Jonathan Aston, Donna Karen, Max Mara, Antipast, Burlington, Chic Appeal, Alto Milano, Dore Dore, Missoni, Bonne Maison

Fenwick of Bond Street, 63 New Bond Street, London. W1S 1RQ

Credits: Art direction & styling by Sasha Wilkins. Photography by Remy Millar. Hair by Blow Ltd. Make up by Bobbi Brown at Fenwick of Bond Street.

This post was written in association with Fenwick of Bond Street.


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Love the brogues with the boyfriend jeans! I have a few pairs of brogues but no boyfriend jeans…maybe it’s something I need to go out and buy?! xx

Feminine Evelyn



This is such a helpful and unique post. No one every writes about hosiery, and it’s so important. I especially love the tip about the sheer/invisible tights because I HATE when they are shiny!!


Absolutely loved this post. Now, can you please ask Sue to do a U.S. tour and teach the cousins over here a thing or two about tights (or pantyhose, as they call the here)? The state of hosiery is disastrous and to get a decent pair one has to shell ungodly amounts for European brands at Saks or Nordstrom. I always stock up when in London or Italy. Made me nostalgic for Fenwick’s


I really love Fenwick’s Hosiery department. I usually spend some time and just keep looking. Also I love socks with Rockstud heels which is a kind of cordination I never try!


I’m with you Campari girl! In the states, we have terrible hosiery!!! I order Wolford online, and I love them but the great sheer hosiery that matches your skin tone???not to be found here. Great post I just wish we had that kind of store and terrific service here. Oh well ANOTHER reason for me to want to fly over to England. Thank again.


This post is beautiful and helpful. Fenwick’s is on my list for my next trip into London.
Do you mind if I ask an unrelated question? As a history buff, I’ve wondered how your sweet pup Lettice got her name? Is she named after Lettice Knollys?


Thank you! My sister and I both love the old English name Lettice, and Lettice Knollys is certainly one of the most famous Lettices in history. But I was thinking more about Lettice Curtis, arguably the most remarkable woman pilot of the Second World War. Her obituary is here. A big name for a very tiny dog! LLGxx


@Sasha Wilkins:

Thank you! That was a fascinating and inspiring read!


Awesome hats… they just perfect


Your rainbow Rockstuds are so beautiful and uplifting! I’d never think to style my hosiery – it’s always just something I pull on without much thought – but this post has given me ideas to try! x

Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

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