headmasters blowdry collection w015

Along with going to the gym, blow drying my hair is one of my least favourite activities. Although I’m not actually that bad at doing it myself, I absolutely loathe doing it.

So I often pop into Headmasters for a last minute blow dry – they are quick, nationwide, and their menu of styles means there’s no um-ing and ah-ing and waving of hands as I try to describe what I want. I simply point at a pretty pic of a blow oout style, and about 45minutes later exit with glossy, bouncy, happy hair.

headmasters blowdry collection w015

Their new 2015 Blow Dry collection is now available from £28 for each style, and you can visit the website here to check out this year’s looks. Huge thanks to Headmasters for inviting me in before Christmas to for a sneak preview of the collection.

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