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I think it’s fair to say that, whatever your shape and size, wearing a bra isn’t always an enjoyable experience – when Caitlin Moran wrote once that removing a bra at the end of the day was one of life’s great pleasures, I knew exactly where she was coming from.

Until I got myself properly fitted, that is. I had had a eureka moment when I was in my first job in magazines: I went off to Rigby & Peller and moved from a 36C (the absolutely standard size that so many women just pick off the shelves) to a 32E. But over the years my shape has changed again, and I hadn’t bothered to get fitted again until last year as a result of Triumph’s Stand Up For Fit campaign.

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Ridiculous, I know, for an ex-fashion editor and stylist. Especially one who knows from her own experience of dressing women of all shapes and sizes that when women feel comfortable and secure in their lingerie, their confidence shines through and they look fabulous.

And oh the absolute JOY of wearing the right sized bra again!

So when Triumph asked me to be the one of the faces of their 2015 Find the One campaign I was both interested and intrigued. (And also clear that I was going to be a face, not a body – no one is ever seeing me in my underwear, however pretty it is!)

We’ve all seen the stats over the years, telling us that women wear the wrong bra size, but what has become abundantly clear is that, like me over the past ten years, we’ve been hearing the message but not acting on it.

Last year, Triumph’s Stand Up For Fit campaign encouraged women to schedule a bra fitting session with an experienced lingerie professional – and to date have measured 380,000 women, shattering their original target of 100,000. By the end of this year, Triumph will measure and fit half a million women.

So far so good.

Now you’ve been measured, and know what size you are. What next?  The next plank in Triumph’s campaign is to get women to Find the One.

Finding “The One” means  finding a bra you love: no more pinching and no more complaints – only weightless support, comfort and a beautifully shaped silhouette.

As you can see from the short film (above) from film director Ivana Bobic, which will be released in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, I’ve joined with five other influential global fashion and lifestyle bloggers and a beauty expert, alongside 44 women from different parts of Europe to raise an eyebrow and celebrates the wonderful feeling we experience when we find and, most importantly, wear the right bra.

The seven of us have also made a series of short films in which we share a range of helpful tips and present our favourite Triumph styles.

All of this content will be hosted on the new Triumph Hub – a new online platform devoted to the “Find the One” cause, where you can get advice, book a fitting and find and buy the ideal bra.

Do check it out here




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Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I am a stylist as well, and I am GUILTY of not knowing what size I wear. Also, many lingerie stores in the US do not have good fit people. Usually, they ask you your size and pile various styles in that size in the room for you to try on. It would be so helpful to all women to be properly fitted, where the professional fitter TELLS you what size you should wear. Thank you dear friend for this help.


I always found Bravissimo good for fittings, and have recently got my first Rigby & Peller (okay it was 2ememains but my size). Finding a correctly fitting bra was posture changing in my 30’s and I’ve been ranting on about it for over a decade now.
p.s: a voiceover career is yours for the taking.


I think I know my size, but it is one that you almost never, ever find somewhere: 80A – tiny breasts, larger chest. Impossible. For me, best place to buy lingerie: Italy!!! You could say that 50 percent of the shops over there are lingerie shops, and even I have sometimes found beautiful and well-fitting bras there..


I enjoyed reading your piece and watching the two short films on the Triumph site, but when I went to have a look at their selection of bras it was very annoying that they only start at a 32 band size (I am a 28 or 30, E cup depending on the make) so I *won’t* be able to “find the one” at Triumph.

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