winter holiday shopping
(Navy Accessorize crochet swimsuit £29)

I mentioned last week that I had had some issues finding beach clothes for my holiday in the middle of January, because I needed what amounted to an entire new wardrobe, having not been on an extended beach holiday for years and years. (What I did have looked distinctly ropey/was too small/unappealing).)

And, whilst, as some readers suggested, it’s perfectly possible to buy clothes at your destination, I’d rather have that as a lovely holiday option, rather than rely on it. (Given a choice, I’d always rather be prone under a palm tree, with the only shopping being the kind where I hand over money and get a green coconut with a straw in it in return.)

Specialist holiday boutiques like Heidi Klein are absolutely perfect for one or two glorious pieces – I was practically drooling in their Westbourne Grove store when I popped in for a spray tan the day before I left –  to add to your suitcase each season, but really it’s not feasible to buy everything there (unless you have unlimited funds, in which case, knock yourself out).

I had the most success on the Monsoon and Accessorize site: of course, they operate mini boutiques at most British airport terminals, but I needed to pack before the airport and their High Street stores don’t carry summer kit out of season. So clever Monsoon for having a dedicated year round Beach Shop on their website, stocking everything you might need for a winter sun break.


Although I normally wear swimsuits from Rigby & Peller and Panache, because I need quite a lot of underpinning in the bosom area, the Monsoon navy crochet suit (in the photo at top) I bought is fantastic for lolling around in. (It needs too much hoicking to wear in the sea.)


I also particularly like their Ibiza-inspired White Isles collection, and I bought several cover ups (love the Embroidered Balearic tunic (£49)  and the pretty lace-edged Selina shorts (£39)  below.


And I LOVE the blue and white print canvas clutch with its waterproof lining so much that I have just returned to the site and bought several in each colour way in case I get them dirty – at a brilliant £5 each in the sale it’s only sensible….



And I’m sure I am not the only person who likes wearing pretty jewellery on the beach. These Pippa Small for Monsoon aquamarine drops are reduced from £35 to £17.50

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