(My Boden Tie Front swimsuit, photographed today at our pool villa at Sri Panwa on Phuket.)

No one wants to spend a fortune on new clothes for a sunny holiday, but it’s amazing how ropey last summer’s swimsuits, kaftans and sundresses can look when you pull them out of storage. A couple of week’s worth of sea water, chlorine, continuous wringing out, and sandy friction can leave clothes faded, and definitely past their best.

The answer to not breaking the bank? Shop the winter sales and get next summer’s wardrobe for a fifth of the price.

When I decided that I was going to dodge the English winter for three weeks by organising a trip to Thailand over Christmas and New Year my to-do list included not just ‘get my vaccinations up-to-date‘ but ‘audit my holiday wardrobe‘.

What the latter actually means is climb up a wobbly stepladder and haul down two suitcases off the top of my wardrobe, along with burrowing in under bed drawers, and hoicking storage bags from under the sofa in a frantic attempt to locate my summer clothes.

Like most of my London-living contemporaries, I live in an apartment with little to no storage space, so there is no way that out of season clothes can stay hanging in my closet, or neatly folded in drawers. There’s just no room for anything I am not wearing regularly.

It also equals out of sight, out of mind. So, before I’d even got started, I bought myself some new summer clothes. It’s harder than you might think to find holiday stuff online in December, but the plus side is that what you do find is usually reduced. It’s a great time to think ahead for next summer too. I was pretty pleased I had done so too when I saw the state of my stored holiday clothes. Really, I’d have done better to donate or recycle them, than storing them for months.

I struck gold on the Boden site, ordering the following, using an old gift voucher I had knocking around. I’m particularly thrilled with the £11 summer sandals and the £10 bikini bottoms, and there are some other equally deep discounts on the site.

Gold Serrana Sandals £11.80
Sorrento bikini bottom in Blues Feathers £10
Hoop Detail Bikini Bottom in Navy/Ivory £10 
Palma Sandal in Daffodil yellow £29.50 

And here are my sale picks, for anyone who wants to stock up for their holidays, now or next summer:

You may need to click through if reading this on The Daily Email, or on a mobile device. This is not a sponsored post, much as I enjoyed working with Boden this past season!

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Ooh, thanks for the reminder – I considered buying the Serrano sandals last year but £59 seemed like a lot. Have just snapped up a gold pair plus a white cotton skirt for the grand total of £35!


@Jo: Pleasure! I do love a good sale bargain too. LLGxx


In shameless self-promotion I have to tell you I have agreed with you on bathing suits that die in the drawer. To mitigate that shamelessness, I’m not posting the link, but pinky swear! Also, I like your choices very much:).


We go away every Easter and I do exactly this every year, it’s a great time to stock up on bits and you always get real bargains! Only problem is you feel a bit mad looking at bikinis and swimsuits when it’s -0c outside & you’re carrying that extra bit of Christmas weight!!

Hope you have a lovely time away 🙂


Such a good idea!!!!!!


Amazing and cool stuff to wear and enjoy the winter vacation.

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