dodo charms & necklaces

As you may know from reading LLG, the pretty charms from jeweller Dodo, which we gave to each guest at the Dodo dinner for Friends, Food, Family, all have a special hidden meaning.

Darling Lettice (above and below) is wearing the Queen Charm in 9ct rose gold with brown diamonds, (because her highness deserves it), with a perfect meaning: “You rule my heart”.

dodo charms & necklaces

Whilst the charms all come on simple black cords,  it’s possible to purchase chains and necklaces for the charms, like the pretty fine rose gold necklace above.

Here’s my beloved Posetta Baddog modelling the Moschettone necklace in rose gold (below).

dodo charms & necklaces      dodo charms & necklaces

And here’s Lettice giving it a go too…

dodo charms & necklaces

Billy the Whippet, meanwhile, is keeping it simple with a rose gold chain, and two starfish, one in 9ct rose gold, and one in yellow gold. They mean, ‘Handle with care”, which is just about right for dear Billy, who is a little nervous, but really just wants to be loved.

dodo charms & necklaces

dodo charms & necklaces

Letty is wearing the beautiful bee (“sting me”) in 18ct gold charm with black diamonds and yellow sapphires.

dodo charms & necklaces

And, of course, the Dachshund charm (“I’d go to any lengths for you”).

2014-11-03 21.54.11

You can find more about Dodo’s lovely jewellery on their website here.

This post has been written in association with Dodo.

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Lettice has taken to this modeling thing quite well, hasn’t she? Such a pro.

All of them look lovely with their charms.


I suspect it’s the venison snicky snacks she was rewarded with that caught her attention more! LLGxx

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