On first glance nothing much to note here: two guys, a set of decks and some happy punters.

Look again.

Yes, those are dancing uniformed Virgin Atlantic cabin crew. Yes, that is an aeroplane fuselage.

Yes, that’s a gig ON a plane. In the air. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between London Heathrow and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

To be precise, on Thursday afternoon last week we were 35000 feet up high in the air on the inaugural flight of the new Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner, listening to London-based bands Rudimental, and Gorgon City play the first ever gig to be live streamed from a plane over the Atlantic Ocean. Just a casual Thursday then.

(Rudimental, and Gorgon City in front of Birthday Girl, Virgin Atlantic’s new 787 Dreamliner)

I ordered eggs Florentine in the Gatwick Virgin Clubhouse before we took off, figuring that food would be the last thing on anyone’s mind on the outbound flight. I was right.


Virgin flightdecks




We arrived at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport to be greeted by a full gospel choir. That was some welcome. (That was some flight.)

atlanta gospel choir

We spent Thursday night settling into Atlanta: Within twenty minutes of checking into the W Atlanta Buckhead, I had found this in the parking lot two blocks away. (I think you could say I settled into Atlanta pdq.)


Next day was all about the sightseeing: I spent three hours on a bike tour of Atlanta in the morning, and checked out a local craft brewery – Sweetwater, in the afternoon (of which more later).

Virgin flightdecks

Friday night was party night: up on the top floor of Ventanas, a rooftop event space in Downtown Atlanta, with Sir Richard Branson hosting, and Rudimental leading the conga line.

Virgin flightdecks

Next morning I recuperated by ordering a ginormous hotel breakfast at The W at vast cost (worth every single cent). With biscuits. Well, it would be rude not to in the South.

cook hall atlanta

Huge thanks to Virgin Atlantic and the team at Cake for inviting me to experience a flight like no other!

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Wow! That looks like quite the party flight. I’d love to try out a luxury flight some time. Still slumming it out in the economy at the moment. 😉


What an amazing experience!!!

Rosie xx


Is that a bowl of greens on your tray?? And biscuits too?? Well, I do declare you have become a Southern Girl!! ;-). My mom was born in Georgia,and her name was Georgia. I guess my grand mum wanted to keep things simple. Hope you had a “good ole” time in Atlanta. Looks like you did!!
All the best


Sounds like a brilliant experience. Were you able to just mingle about the plane?


I got a high just reading this!!!!


What an amazing experience! I can’t even imagine a party up in the air- was there room to dance? I love Virgin, they seem to have a good sense of fun and humour about them!

Angela | The Awkward Blog


What a unique flight to experience! Only a few can say that they’ve partied 35 000 feet up high in the air – that’s just amazing! Thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole


An amazing party!!!


Were there any headstands to be seen? 😉


wow this looked totally memorable

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