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I’m often asked on Instagram about the brands I am wearing or photographing. For those that are curious, there’s a simple way to find out if there is a link on an Instagram photo that I have posted. The caption will look like this:

Anyone who has already signed up to (it just requires their Instagram handle) and who likes the image will automatically receive an email in their inbox a few minutes later, with clickable images of the products in the photo, sometimes along with some extra similar pieces.

If you’re using Instagram on the desktop site, simply copy and paste the weblink in the Instagram image caption (it’ll look something like this: and this will give you a webpage that looks like the one below. If you are signed up to the images will all be clickable.



And that’s it. Signing up with means that any image you like, from any user, that has a liketit code will automatically send an email with the product information to your inbox.

(There’s also a handy Shop the Feed widget over on the right hand side bar, underneath the Instagram slider on the blog.)

What’s in it for me? is part of, who service affiliate links for bloggers, so we make a small percentage on sales generated through clicks from our Instagram images. (There is no additional cost to users.)

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Thanks once again for your transparency and taking the time to explain what this is. I really appreciate that you treat your readers with respect and not just some ‘mugs’ that you can ‘cash in’ on.

Jocelyn xx


Great little app… thanks for the info.


What a great idea as I have already purchased a few things you have shown on your instagram
Makes it easier and good for the disclosure as well

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