Uterque lace skirt

1) I was very interested in Uterque, the slightly more upmarket/chic version of Zara from Spain’s retail behemoth The Inditex Group, who only sell online in the UK at the moment. I bought a lovely black leather bag from them (£99) but was horrified when I unpacked my new cream lace pencil skirt in a size large to discover that I could probably get one thigh in it. If that skirt is a large, then I am size clinically obese.

2014-08-21 13.26.28

2) To new-ish Japanese restaurant Yashin Ocean House somewhere in the wilds of SW-god knows where* for a lovely lunch hosted by Farrow & Ball. I was entranced by my origami crane, folded from one of the ravishing new F&B wallpapers.

Pub loo graffiti

3) Really excellent pub loo graffiti at The Earl of Camden on Parkway, NW1.

TK Maxx Westfield Stratford TK Maxx Westfield Stratford
TK Maxx Westfield Stratford TK Maxx Westfield Stratford

4) A gigantic new TK Maxx has opened at Stratford Westfield. I was invited over for a night-before-opening preview and, as is my wont, beetled straight on upstairs to the excellent homewares department, where I managed to spend my £50 voucher in about ten minutes on bargains including a marble cheeseboard for £7.99, a glass dome for cheese or CAKE for £3.99, a cast iron griddle pan for £9.99 and every kitchen implement I never knew I needed.

I found so much for the grand total of £57 that I filled FIVE carrier bags and had to enlist a nice lady to carry my booty to the car.


5) I think I may be about to become obsessed by Pictionary again. Hannah has bought me a set, after we played on our last road trip, and I made everyone play it last weekend over cocktails at the Electric. I’d also like to mention in dispatches Hannah’s excellent wrapping skillz.

*The Old Brompton Road, I believe

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TK Maxx is such a homeware mecca, isn’t it?! x


I absolutely love TK Maxx for homeware! I picked up some gorgeous little boxes the other week 🙂

Lucy x


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