Given how much time I spend in the kitchen, there is little that I like more than eating out in someone else’s house. And when that house is the home of my dear friend Miss P, I am practically kicking up my heels with anticipatory glee. She is a phenomenally good cook, the best that I know, and can be relied on to make something delicious for supper. And not only does she make scrumptious food, she lays a beautiful table – which makes guests feel very welcome, and she and her husband Andy always have excellent wine – not a big surprise given that they are both wine merchants.

grey tabletop

After what was, frankly, a pig of a week, and saw me still at my desk at 730 on Friday evening, the relief of arriving some fifteen minutes later at a civilised, tidy home with an adorable godson in attendance and supper that someone else was cooking was profound. Miss P was making a recipe from one of Thomasina Miers Mexican cookbooks, which she describes as a kind of Mexican pizza.

grey tabletop

Mexican flatbread pizza

I didn’t read the recipe, but I enjoyed it so much that I made a sort-of version for lunch for Remy and I in the office today. The ingredients are:

Oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, Feta cheese, rocket, spring onions (scallions), tortillas – or any flatbread, and rocket.

Mexican flatbread pizza

I can’t pretend that this is a recipe – more of a serving suggestion.

Put a heavy or cast iron griddle pan onto a burner to heat up, pour some olive oil into a shall bowl, and dip some oyster mushrooms in it – about three per tortilla. I then griddled the mushrooms until they were scored with black lines, and crispy around the edges. These are then torn into strips, removed to a dish and sprinkled with sea salt.

grilled oyster mushrooms
(Griddled oyster mushrooms and spring onions)

Into the griddle pan go a generous handful of cherry tomatoes, three or so trimmed and halved lengthways spring onions (scallions) per tortilla and a splash of oil. These are left to soften and gently blacken.

When all the vegetables are cooked – no more than ten minutes in total, simply take a flatbread, (count on one or two per person, depending on hunger), – I used a tortilla, but lavash or half a pitta, chapati or even a naan bread would all work equally well,  heat up  another frying pan, with a teaspoon of oil, and when it is smoking slide in one flatbread at a time, turning it over until it is crispy on both sides. If you were being extra healthy, you could omit the oil, and have a heated but non-crispy base.

Mexican flatbread pizza

Allow one avocado per two tortillas – and use a fork to mash each half onto each flatbread base. Then layer on the spring onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes – squishing them slightly. Then crumble over some Feta or goats cheese (if I was in America, I would use Queso Fresco). A handful of rocket overall and a very generous dash of chipotle chilli sauce finishes it all off.

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Yum. This sounds delicious and so easy. Will give this a try.

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