A Week in Northamptonshire

by Sasha Wilkins on August 15, 2014 · 4 comments

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My mother had quite a serious knee operation last Thursday, so my sis and I planned to drive up to her cottage in Northamptonshire after we left Wilderness on Monday to spend the week with her, whilst she recuperated.

I didn’t plan on being struck with a virulent bout of gastroenteritis on Monday. Boy that was all the fun. I started to feel decidedly ill as we drove home, – and my sister’s decision to expound upon her theories on the welfare state really was not helping my pounding headache. I may have finally gripped the steering wheel and told her to shut the f&ck up. Suffice to say we stopped several times on the way home.

I managed to just about hold it together in order to drive my mother to Northampton for an emergency nurse’s appointment – napping on the back seat whilst she was in the clinic, although my mood was not improved by a police RADAR check (I got a speeding ticket this morning. JOY unconfined), and the rest of Monday, and most of Tuesday is a blur.

Wednesday was delicate, with just a quick pharmacy run for my mother, and the discover that now my sister was sick. Everyone was perky today, and we had a wonderful lunch (above), with my godmother and her husband, who drove up from Cheltenham with the most amazing lunch for us. R has Parkinson’s, but there is much more than a spark of the wonderful man there still, and it was an absolute pleasure to see them.

My godmother was a big food influence on my mother in the 60s, and is one of the people who encouraged me to cook as a child (she is mentioned in my cookbook). A meal cooked by her is a glorious thing, especially when it contains chioggia beets and tomatoes from her garden.

Unfortunately my mother was struck down with the stomach flu a few hours ago, so sis, sausage and I are still in Northamptonshire (supposed to have left earlier this evening), and  I have replaced my nursing cap. Maybe I’ll be back in London tomorrow, maybe…


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Miss Cavendish August 15, 2014 at 03:04

Oh, misery! Hope you are all on the mend now . . .


ganching August 16, 2014 at 11:56

Sounds grim. Did you know there is a huge outbreak of salmonella poisoning in different parts of the country at the moment? Glad that some of you are on the road to recovery.


Hanna August 16, 2014 at 13:06

I hope you all get better soon :) greetings to ‘sausage’!


Helena Halme August 16, 2014 at 15:30

You poor thing! Strangely, I too was ill on Sunday night and have been unwell all week with ear and throat infection…no gastroenteritis as I first thought last weekend but apparently your ears make you be sick too. The first over-the-phone diagnosis was Bell’s palsy, so I’m pretty happy with just an ear infection…

I hope your mother feels better soon!

Helena xx


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