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I was planning to blog properly from the Edinburgh – London sleeper but I forgot that these rather wonderful old slam door trains were built pre the digital age (I’m guessing 1970s) and there are no plug sockets.

That means that I don’t have enough juice to write much more than a brief couple of paras on my smartphone before my battery dies.

This was a fleeting trip: a car picked me up from a photographic studio in kings Cross to get to Heathrow for the 1530 to Edinburgh. I attended Graeme Black’s show for ravishing cashmere label 1436, headed to his envy inducing townhouse for dinner and then hopped it to Waverly Station to catch the 1140 Caledonian Sleeper to London, from whence I write this.

More tomorrow….

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So, intrigued to find out more. I’ve always fancied taking a sleeper train to Edinburgh, but unfortunately as I live in the Midlands, it would mean a trip to London first, so it’s cheaper to fly. Look forward to your update so I can live vicariously through your experience.


Oh it’s spartan looking – do they still have shared sleepers, as in sleeping with strangers? That always scared the bejeezus out of me.


Tabitha – it”s great! I travelled on the sleeper in August a few years ago – was due to be sharing a cabin & was a bit worried about it……and in the end the other traveller didn’t turn up which was a bonus. Plus the staff were always on hand to check in with which made me feel safer anyway.
It was lovely to lie flat to go to sleep – I did not envy the people who’d chosen to sleep in the reclining chairs – too much like a plane! Do go try it – and I hope you enjoy it when you do! 🙂


Hi Sasha, I’m looking forward to the full account of your journey…I live in Edinburgh and this has been on the cards as a potential ‘easy’ way of getting to London town for the day.I just need to find out if you managed to sleep properly (a non-negotiable for me)! Ann x



Oh it’s spartan looking – do they still have shared sleepers, as in sleeping with strangers?

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