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Waterstones are exclusively carrying a limited edition of pre-order special signed editions of Friends, Food, Family at an excellent discounted price of £15.99 (plus free delivery in the UK). This offer is only valid on pre-ordered copies from Waterstones. com here (not available in store).

Only 70 days until publication!

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Oh, how lovely, order placed! I have already pr-ordered a couple through Amazon but I love the idea of a signed copy for a friend who is (also) a fan of yours – actually, I think you’re going to be the perfect solution to all my Christmas shopping this year!

I’m counting down the days too, Sasha. I’m planning to do a dinner party using all of your recipes for some of my ‘creative ladies’ as I like to call them. I really admire what you have achieved, through hard work and determination you have created a career for yourself and it’s so inspiring.

Have a great day!


Oh this is very exciting! I think I will have to pre-order this now.

I’m sure you can’t wait for publication day – congratulations on such a great achievement!

Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin


Any idea when it will be available for your lovely American readers? I would love, love, love to buy one but the exchange & international shipping makes it pretty pricey…

Regardless I am sure it is amazing and might try to find a copy when I am in Europe this fall <3



I can’t wait for the book to come out! Will pop over to Waterstones site and order a copy now. Hx

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