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It’s no big secret that I am naturally the colour of skimmed milk – white with a hint of blue. In the winter I am content to give snow blindness to anyone glancing at my bare legs, but in summer I prefer a more bronzed glow. If I can be arsed.

Which is why I do love a spray tan: two minutes to strip, five minutes in the booth, a couple more to dry off and get dressed, and bingo: bronze-ness.

I used Mystic Tan spray booths religiously in Manhattan – until, that is, the building that housed Chelsea Tanning was condemned, and I switched allegiance to a dubious strip mall salon in Manalapan, NJ.

Now that I am back in London there isn’t anywhere on my doorstep, and the weather has been so terrible for the past few summers that I have barely bothered.

But I wanted a tan for the polo a few months back, so I took up swimwear haven Heidi Klein‘s offer to to try out the spray tan booth in their store on Westbourne Grove – and hallelujah – I discovered they had a Mystic Tan machine!

The formula has been ramped up since my days in the Muscle Mary heaven of a tanning parlour in NYC: it’s paraben-free, has added antioxidants including Green Tea extract and acai berry, and an extremely effective new air dry technology, which gets you bone dry in minutes.

You can choose to have the immediate tint, or a clear solution that develops over a few hours, and the colour comes in three strengths – sun-kissed, bronzed, or oven roast turkey – my description not theirs, clearly.

I’ve tried the first two, and was equally pleased with both. And I was even more pleased a few weeks back when I needed a tan on a Sunday, and discovered they were just about the only spray tan place open in central London.

I was comped one spray tan, and paid £27.50 for the next. Worth every penny.

Call on 0207 243 5665 to make an appointment at Heidi Klein Westbourne Grove.

Style Notes:
Sandals on left: ages old Pierre Hardy for GAP
Sandals on right: Kurt Geiger – similar here

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Have same color-of-snow problem, with special added turd on top of numerous spider veins. I just started using Tarte’s Brazilliance and it is absolutely fantastic. I swear, I’ve used everything. The best seemed to be the St. Tropez products but for me they are merely better than average, and in terms of smell+natural fade+clean application I kept hoping there was something better. Tarte Brazilliance– when the mystic tan fans, get yourself a bottle for between sprays!

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