wilderness masquerade 2013

It’s hard to believe that it is only a month until this year’s Wilderness Festival, when the memories of last year’s seem so fresh (links to all my stories are at the bottom of this post).

I think it’s fair to say that Rachel and I explored every corner of Wilderness 2013. We arrived on Thursday, left on Monday, having danced, eaten, drunk, listened, slept, skipped, biked, swum, spa-d, yoga-d, and generally blissed ourselves out.

One of our most favourite evenings was the late night Saturday Masquerade where, complete with gorgeous party make up by Smashbox underneath our masks, we frolicked in the natural ampitheatre, far from sleeping tent people.

I was determined to wear a ball gown, and struck lucky the day before I left for Cornbury a mere two blocks from my front door, in Camden at Rokit, where I picked up this vintage frock for a fiver. I teamed it with my Whistles biker for an 80s Madonna feel.

wilderness masquerade 2013

We weren’t the only people to dress up. We unexpectedly bumped into my old schoolfriend Ollie-  who I had just been talking about minutes before and not seen for two years so that wasn’t weird AT ALL – in his excellent mask at supper in the Moro tent.

wilderness masquerade 2013

But it was when the light went down and the revels really started that all fun broke loose. Here’s Rach

Screenshot 2014-07-07 22.37.13

and me

wilderness masquerade 2013

and a whole load of people having a whole load of fun

wilderness masquerade 2013 wilderness masquerade 2013

wilderness masquerade 2013 wilderness masquerade 2013

And here are all my stories from last year:

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This year’s Wilderness Festival runs from Thursday 07 – Sunday 10 August at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

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I love love loved that Survival Kit that Smashbox provided you with last year, what a fantastic gift! x


Wow – what a fun festival! I’ve kinda heard of it but not much more and now I really want to go! Just been reading all your posts from last year and have a major festi craving, especially if Moro’s are on site!

Also, the lady in red’s expression in the 3rd photo from the bottom of this post is amazing – the fear in her eyes!!!

Rosie xx

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