Basset Hounds on sofa

Long term LLG readers will know that back in 2009 I spent some months in Colts Neck, NJ with my dear friends Jason and Yoann, and their Basset Hounds Max and Finchley. they became superstars on the blog, with readers from all over the world following their antics, as new puppy Finchley showed old dog Max a few tricks.

basset hounds Long Branch beach

So I’m very sad to say that at age fourteen, Max has departed for the great dog kennel in the sky. Yoann wrote a lovely appreciation on Facebook today, which I reproduce below with his permission.

Basset Hounds on sofa 2

“After 14 years and a half, 3 continents, 6 countries, many cities and countless kisses, it is time for me to keep looking on my own for that place I’ve heard about. It is said that there, you can chase cats, birds and squirrels any time you feel like it.


It is also said that there, there is a 24-hour non-stop buffet loaded with tuna fish, roasted chicken and even foie gras (for the story, I once scarffed a whole foie gras from the coffee table, in Singapore, while dads and friends were all in the kitchen!).

Long Branch beach in Fall with Basset Hounds

Yep, I think I gonna try to find that place, although, sure thing, it sucks that my dads won’t be there with me but I know I will always have a very special place in their hearts.


I mean, come on guys, what a life I have had with these two. Born in the deep countryside of Estonia, I spent a year in Poland, 4 months in Singapore, I lived in Paris and the country side of France, then London for 4 years and finally the Garden State here in New Jersey!

Yoann & max crop

That’s it, here I am, I have lived the American dream for the past 5 years at the ranch with my own garden and pool, countless deers to bark at and a loving brother who with I have had some serious badass times


and a lot of unauthorized naps on designers’ sofas.


What else could I have asked for?

Basset Hound

There are too many moments I would love to live again but it sounds like it would take forever… hanging out in the old town of Tallinn where I would be treated like a super star (the ears and the paws would never fail to make an entrance), scaring the ass off of a neighbor in Singapore as I touched the back of his leg by surprise with my cold wet nose; not to forget the day I manage to make dads’ friend Anne-Claire cry as I was running towards a remote area on the slippery rocks of Etretat, in Normandy, whilst chasing seagulls 2 miles away.

Long Branch beach in Fall

Boys and girls, there are so many moments I have shared with my dads and their friends; so many travels, so many kids who have loved playing with me and hugging me, so many bites of food I managed to score from under the table!


Oh, yeah! There was also that trip in the TGV from Paris to Marseille and that dinner at a Guy Savoy restaurant in the 16th arrondissement in Paris!

What a well-lived loving life!

house exterior

My friends, I just wanted to thank you all for all your love and the great times we’ve had together, I will surely miss you and… hold on, is that a cat? … Guys, I am sorry… I have got to get running…”

Goodnight Maxou


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This made me a little teary! What a beautiful tribute to Max – lovely photos as well



What a lovely send off!


I am balling my eyes out. What a beautiful memorial.


Goodnight Max, hope you’re already chasing squirrels in a meadow up there with my beloved dog Sahara. She will be happy to show you the way to the buffet, she had a special talent for detecting chicken.


So sad to read of Max’s passing – beautiful words and photos for an even more beautiful dog… x


So terribly sad, please pass my regards to Jason and Yoann.


So sad to hear this. What a lovely memorial!


Dog owners know how much they become part of the family, but what a life he had! Sobbing here x


I think it was Rudyard Kipling who wrote ‘ Don’t give your heart to a dog , it will be torn to pieces ‘ quite true but it’s always worth it


How sad! But what a lovely, lovely dog-obituary. I fear the day when we have to say good-bye to our Terrier aka Stinky. Hx

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