I am currently trying extremely hard to maintain my relaxed state of mind, post trip, but jet lag is crippling me. What I hadn’t realised about not keeping to a proper sleep routine out in SE Asia was that wouldn’t equal just slipping neatly back into my UK sleep pattern. Instead, I find myself falling asleep at the most inopportune moments and waking without fail at 3am every morning.

I’m not sure that this lovely Relax Body Wash is helping me ‘maintain a holiday mood’ as it promises, but it is making me feel quite a lot calmer, and that can only be a good thing – it is quite stressful falling asleep at midday and waking up seven hours later to discover that the working day has, in effect, passed you by.

It smells absolutely gorgeous, due to its generous helpings of  lavender, petitgrain and vetivert essential oils, and it really does effectively soften and moisturise the skin as promised.

200ml £24.00 Available Here

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