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On Friday afternoon I very sadly said goodbye to The Farm at San Benito, and headed off on the 1hr30 transfer to Manila Airport. Sadly I didn’t have time to explore the city – above on the freeway is the nearest I got. The drive through the countryside was interesting to me – this has been my first visit to the Philippines, but nothing could have prepared me for the traffic around the airport – or the kamikaze driving style of the Filipinos. They make the Thais in Bangkok look like relaxed Sunday afternoon potterers. I was also very taken with the local buses.

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The flight to Kuala Lumpur from Manila is just over three hours. I’d been awake since 3am – I didn’t manage to conquer my jetlag on this trip, as the massages and treatments at The Farm at San Benito would generally send me straight to sleep at all hours, which meant trying to keep to local time was almost impossible – so I wrapped myself up in my Crumpet cashmere wrap,  pulled on my cashmere socks (my mother does the BEST presents),  whacked half a Sominex pill and passed out for the duration.

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We touched down in KL around 9pm and, blissfully, given my still groggy state, I was met by a charming uniformed driver from KL’s Majestic Hotel, who whisked me to the city in just under an hour.

This is the stunning exterior of the Majestic, the right side of which was built in the 1930s, a bastion of colonial Malaya, and now a registered landmark on Malaysia’s Antiquities register.


I was THRILLED to see this glorious bed in the 1930s wing awaiting me:


It was late evening when I arrived, and I only had Friday and Saturday night in KL (more of this later), and today I am writing this on Sunday morning from the (exceptionally nice) Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge at KLIA – Kuala Lumpur International Airport, before the twelve hour flight back to London. (I arrive late Sunday evening.)



Sasha was a guest of The Majestic Hotel, and of Malaysia Airlines in Kuala Lumpur.

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I am LOVING your posts about this trip. What a gorgeous room… It’s at times like this that I envy your job completely 🙂

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