I’m a great believer in having a medical pedicure from a podiatrist at reasonably regular intervals, as opposed to just heading to my local salon for a quick file and polish. Not only do they really get to grip with your revolting hooves, but a podiatrist can see problems developing that a beauty salon isn’t necessary qualified to diagnose or treat.

That being said, I’ve never needed to see a podiatrist for a problem before: I don’t have incipient bunions or any of the other issues that can come from inveterate wearing of unsuitable heels (God knows how).

But recently I’ve been in quite a lot of pain from what I suspected to be an ingrowing toenail, caused by a badly trimmed nail at a salon – every time I bumped my big toe on the piles of books in my office I would squeal and swear. I had no idea that something so minor could be so excruciatingly painful.


So I went off to see the Director of Podiatry, Tamara Iglesias at Margaret Dabbs in Marylebone who neatly and efficiently excised the offending shard of nail in a matter of minutes (although not without some more unavoidable squealing from me), and advised me to return in six weeks so that she could continue to shape my nails so that they would grow correctly in future. And I have vowed: no more having my nails cut in a salon.


And, almost as extraordinarily, she turned my abused toenails into gleaming and glossy shell pink wonders.


(Too much nail varnish strips the nails – the solution is a solvent-free nail varnish, like The Organic Pharmacy’s.) I’ve been told to give my nails a break from polish for a fortnight to give them a chance to breathe and arrest their tendency to friability.

I’m also going to commit to the Margaret Dabbs three-step foot programme: a thrice-weekly foot file session, followed by a foot scrub, and daily applications of moisturiser after I have showered. (I’ve been told – to no avail – to do the latter since I first started having medical pedicures ten years ago but I really am going to start this time.)

Margaret Dabbs products are available in-store, and exclusively at SpaceNK here.

Thank you to Margaret Dabbs for the podiatry session, and for sorting out my revolting feet

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This is really interesting – I hate feet, including my own, but I have reluctantly conceded just recently that I need to take much better care of them (then perhaps I won’t hate them so much?), so I’ll be taking note of the three-step programme, and maybe even booking myself in!


Ooh, this looks lovely! I need to pay her a visit to work similar marvels on my feet. The sunny weather of the past two weekends has prompted the need for immediate attention to the feet prior to exposing them to the outside world!
Also, have you tried the Organic Pharmacy varnishes? A friend has been trying to convince me to give solvent-free ones a go but I just can’t believe they would have the gloss or staying power.


My brother is a podiatrist and advocates creaming the feet. I just can’t bear the feeling – but do try to remember before bed, if I haven’t passed out x


Ooh, Tamara is lovely isn’t she? I saw her when I was pregnant and she’s so skilful and really easy to chat to.

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