John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner For Colour-Treated Hair

My hair, which was always naturally shiny and thick, even though it’s very fine, has been seriously affected by highlighting, in which I’ve been indulging for the past three years. The condition is just generally drier, and more brittle, and it only really looks as it should when I finger through serum after washing, and then give it a proper round brush blow dry.

So imagination my astonishment when I left it to dry naturally after washing it with John Frieda’s new shampoo & conditioner For Colour-Treated Hair, which I had been given to test out, and leaving off the serum: I had shiny, thick hair again, which hung beautifully, with no frizz.

Until now, it’s been impossible to find a product that promises volume, as well as suitability for coloured hair, because the nurturing ingredients that coloured hair needs tend to weigh it down. I don’t pretend to understand the science, but the shampoo contains a volume polymer which adds space between the hair strands, and the conditioner is formulated with a lightweight volumising wax to nourish without heaviness.

Truly, this is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve used in recent memory.

Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo & Conditioner For Colour-Treated Hair


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Hello Good Day
I absolutley agree that John Frieda is the perfect hair product – i have been struggling to find the perfect product for over 3 years for my brittle, dry hair that just wont stop falling out. i used John Frieda full body repair for the first time today together with the oil and WOW my hair feels and looks wonderful and i have been getting so much compliments – Defintley staying with this product!!!!


Thank you for the recommendation, works brilliantly.

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