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Every year, as spring approaches, I buy pots of tiny golden daffodils at Columbia Road Market, and plant them up in vintage bowls and pans in my London flat.  (At the moment, you can buy eight pots of daffs for a fiver.) Previously I’ve used my beautiful Mason’s Ironstone basin,


but this spring I am using the beautiful copper wine cooler that I bought on Ebay last week. It arrived this morning, and I am even happier with it in real life, than I was when I first clicked buy. (And I was pretty happy then: it cost me £3.99! – and £8 postage, but still…bargain.)

I’m slightly obsessed with copper: not only do I have copper saucepans, but I have a beautiful antique preserving pan, also inherited from my mother when the family home was sold post-divorce, on my hallway windowsill which is always filled with creamy Phalaenopsis orchids. They look glorious against the bright, shining copper.


I also bought these lovely copper cups during my Ebay binge last week, and had them sent straight to New Jersey, as a present for Yoann, who is finally able to resume his career as an interior designer in the US, following the repeal of DOMA. (I wrote about their journey here.)

The only problem was that I forgot to tell him that they were being sent straight from the vendor. When I logged onto Facebook earlier, I discovered that the identity of the secret admirer who had sent him this lovely present was being hotly debated – not least by his husband! Oops.


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I am a copper fetishist too and am slightly annoyed that it is suddenly so fashionable – luckily I inherited pieced from my Granny and bought some from the fabulous bay of E before it became All The Rage, but still….! Fxxxx


P.S. Wait til you see our dining room


Love ironstone and copper. Gorgeous photos and flower displays.

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