(Market, Camden)

oh goodness this post has been drafted to go for two weeks, but it’s just been overwhelming at LLG Towers. I had a mahoosive work deadline for the 31st, tax accounts to file, VAT to wrestle with (erk), a large photo project to complete, mice to combat, a broken oven, a story commission, and a quick 48hrs in Monaco…oh and I lost my sodding phone in Nice Airport. I left it in the loos for a scant five minutes and when I returned it had already been thieved. I loved my Samsung and feel really, really stupid.


Anyway, this is what I did on the last weekend of January. I kicked off at the Victoria & Albert Museum, for a talk on Ralph Lauren, Hubert de GivenchyVivienne Westwood, and Cristobal Balenciaga: the designers who are the subject of the latest books in the Vogue On…series.  (I wrote about them here. )

Alexandra Shulman hosted, and the four book authors all spoke on their respective titles. It was a fascinating evening: I always think I am well-informed and yet there was clearly still so much to learn. Linda Watson on Vivienne Westwood was particularly illuminating, as she worked with Vivienne once upon a time. (Thank you to Ralph Lauren for inviting me.)

(The chandelier by Omer Arbel for Bocci Design, hanging in the vestibule of the V & A)

On Saturday night my mother was in town, so I treated her and my sister to supper at Market, on Parkway in Camden, (picture at top) which I had been wanting to re-visit, with its emphasis on what I guess we call Modern British cooking: Lil’sis ate an exemplary guinea fowl pie. It’s also a lovely room, very Brooklyn in feel, with its bare brick walls, and zinc table tops. They do a bargain two course weekday lunch for £10, which I highly recommend.


Rather piggily, I headed out again less than twelve hours later to eat brunch at Berners Tavern at The London Edition for brunch with Brig, and four incredible women, all entrepreneurs and businesswomen. We did work our way through the menu.


In our defence, we shared the crumble, which was designed for the table.


After all that eating, supper was a very abstemious poached egg with Marmite toast. And a lot of coffee so I could write late into the night.


Berners Tavern, The London Edition Hotel, 10 Berners St, London W1T 3LF.
Market,43 Parkway NW1 020 7267 9700.

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I adore your blog posts Sasha. Your life is the complete opposite of mine and I find it such a lovely diversion to read about all the places you’ve been and interesting things you’ve seen, done and eaten.
Thank you for sharing.


I want that crumble. All for me.


You fitted in a wee bit of time travel too to have done all that on the last week of Feb. I know it does rather feel like the end of Feb already. January felt really long. Or was that just me?

(Frighfully rude of me to draw attention to a tiredly made slip, sorry, but I am so in the same place re busyness that it amused me.)


That chandelier is gorgeous! Sounds like a great weekend x


I’m a bit late to this, but it might be worth looking at the flat rate vat scheme. Takes about 5 mins to do a vat return compared with an entire day (for me) previously.

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