“You are probably already hyperemployed. It is what happens when things that were previously a specialist job are given to you as a feature of some technology: modern systems allow you to manage your own diary, your accounting, your expenses, your letter writing, your presentation design and your research. But even though all of these tasks were once someone else’s specific role, the possibilities of IT-driven cost savings mean that because you can, you must. A young person entering the world of work without all of these skills is at as great a disadvantage as someone who cannot type.”

Ben Hammersley The Sunday Times, 05 January 2014. (Paywall)

When I am struggling to keep everything moving forward I remember this paragraph, and remind myself that being all things to all people is impossible and that, sometimes, something has to give.

So to those people to whom an email is owed, to whom a letter remains unwritten, or to whom I have not spoken this month, I apologise.

It’s not you.

It’s me.

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Ah dearest, Ms LLG, you are playing my song as always. My current rant is one of envy towards all the lovely novelists I know who are married to accountant, or at least very organised people who look after EVERYTHING so they can only write.

I spent most of last week finishing my tax return, when I have a book deadline looking down the barrel of a gun at me. Now i can just tell myself I’m hyperemployed and consider myself rather marvellous.

M xxxxx


Yes, yes and yes. I often say that I live with fingers in many pies, but actually I’m just taking on the roles of many different jobs.


Being all to all can drain your energy leaving a precious few bits for yourself. Those who know you will surely understand.Somehow things will get sorted as long as you allow yourself to breath and be Sasha , and your sharing of yourself is one of the reasons why we enjoy reading your work. Because it is you.

All the Best


Hang in there Lovely Sasha girl! You Can do it…you already know that though! 😉


So true.

I have to remember that as a start-up I can theoretically do everything myself, but sometimes I just have to hand some of it over to someone else. It’s not always easy, but it slows down the on-set of grey hair for a little while at least.

Emma (new follower – keep up the great work and have a great weekend x)

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