Fashion editor off duty

I was searching through my Flickr archive for a photo earlier today when I came across this drawing I made for a meme back in 2009. I was still an anonymous blogger then, spending the summer in New Jersey with my boys and the Bassets, far, far removed from my previous life as a fashion editor in Manhattan.

Apart from the puppy tho, not much has changed round here…still looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards when I think no one will see me. That’s the only problem with living bang in the centre of Camden, on a street filled with restaurants, and with a Whole Foods in situ, I can guarantee that when I am sticky with icing, with flour in my hair,  chocolate under my fingernails, with my apron still tied around my waist, I will bump into the most stylish people I know.

I spend quite a lot of my time in Whole Foods hiding in the canned goods aisle, hoping that that magazine editor, or photographer I know will hurry up and finish their shopping before they notice me in my disarray.

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I remember when you did that meme 🙂 And I am still an unknown blogger 😀
I hope you are well and I’m sure you look particularly adorable with icing in your hair and an apron tied around your waist. Deborah xx


I always bump into my hairdresser when I have crap hair. Your picture made me chuckle.

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