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I have quite a lot of hair, but it is very fine, the curse of natural blondes, so I’m dead keen on anything that gives me lasting volume without having to resort to rollers or tongs, as my hair starts to frazzle and split under the heat.

However, I would rather an extra fifteen minutes in bed, than use that time standing underneath the shower or getting ready, so committing to a haircare regimen that requires me to apply its products in a very specific manner (as opposed to just slapping them on with no thought, and immediately rinsing), means it really needs to live up to its billing.

In this case, the promise is one of noticeable extra volume, along with fewer tangles and a lustrous finish, using no silicones, parabens, or SLS. In order to achieve the desired results, you need to apply the shampoo in a measured amount of pumps to the roots only. Afterwards the conditioner goes on mid-lengths and ends only. After towel drying, the root spray is to be applied four times along separate scalp partings, and then massaged in, before blow drying.

Phew. Anyway, I’m more of the Dynasty volume school of thought than the 1990s straight ironed hair one, so when I was sent this to try, I gave it a go, and I am impressed. Properly impressed. I used it for two weeks and I found, right from the off, that I had a definite lift at the roots, without any crunchy hair spray or mousse feeling: my hair was still shiny and bouncy but it felt lifted up from the scalp. I haven’t been using it every day since then: sometimes I really do need to be up and out in minutes, but if I need to look swooshy and groomed then I always reach for it.

The three products together aren’t cheap, but there is  a launch travel size kit for £21.00 if you fancy dipping your hair in the water, so to speak.

Advanced Volumizing Shampoo £23, Advanced Volumizing Conditioner £26, Advanced Root Nutrient Complex £30

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Ooof. The regimented regime is enough to put me off, I think, no matter how much I love the sound of the products.


I just started using this Swell and it is actually really simple. I travel a lot and have a lazy simple routine. This stuff is worth it. I have baby fine hair and have only been using Swell for 2 weeks. My hair washing routine used to be every second day, now I am getting up to every third day and the routine is quicker and simpler than normal washing, you use less product and it use it for less time in your hair before washing out.
Honestly with the results I am getting after having flyaway, limp hair is awesome and I can’t stop looking at it. Results are brilliant. These guys are onto something!

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