Of all the electronic gadgets that I have in my home, my Brother labelling machine is one of the top favourites: I now no longer pull out the wrong plug, shutting down my iMac, or make cakes with plain flour, instead of self-raising.


I’m a sucker for a Kilner jar: when you cook as much as I do, there are always going to be packets of opened dry ingredients  and, as I fear flour moths and mice, being able to decant immediately means no furry friends coming to stay. Thing is I have about six different types of flour (rice, gram, corn, tapioca…) plus icing sugar (two types), all of which look pretty near identical, so being able to label them saves me lots of time – and lots of swearing.

The labels are waterproof, and stay on in the freezer too. Unfortunately, they don’t adhere to dog fur.


I particularly like the Brother machine because its large display gives a clear preview of the label before you print. It also has a  time and date feature, which is great for making sure you don’t have years old tomato sauce festering at the bottom of your freezer. (My mother once found an entire pigs head at the bottom of her giant chest freezer.)


( You may remember when I got a bit over-excited about labelling every plug, cable and tech accessory in the apartment.)

labelling machine

It’s available here

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