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Hands up: who else has winter straw hair? Too much staying indoors with the central heating during the festive period, eating loads of rubbish, and getting my roots done rather more than usual, has left my hair in need of a serious SOS. So I’ve taken to slapping on this very, very good hair mask by Phyto in the shower every other wash (so about twice a week), and the condition of my hair has improved dramatically.

Given that hair is dead, I’m not sure quite how much actual repair it can do, other than cosmetically, but Ii’s magic ingredient is the water-retaining Hyaluronic acid, which helps plump up parched hair. It has certainly smoothed down my frizzy mane, stopped it tangling nearly as much, and my hair is back to its normal almost-silkiness again.

It’s Not Cheap, but a little does go a very long way: I apply to the lengths and ends only.

Phyto Phytokeratine Ultra Repairing Mask for Weakened & Damaged Hair: Pleasingly on sale for £17.60 (RRP £22) here.

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Oh this sounds like just what my hair is needing! Thanks.

Claire x|Claire does beauty

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