I haven’t taken off my tiny gold dachshund charm since I was given it at the dinner I hosted for Italian charm purveryors Dodo at my flat last month. I love that it is so delicate, and speaks to my love for sausage dogs. But it is the hidden meaning behind the Dodo charms that holds so much, ahem, charm, for me.


For each charm comes with a secret message, from giver to recipient, so when I invited my friends to the Dodo dinner, I thought very carefully about which one to give each girl.

So for Hannah, who is an extraordinary stylist, working with some major league brands and photographers, I picked a little gold giraffe, which, in Dodo-land, means you’ve stretched and reached your goal

For fashion editor Helen who is both kind and beloved by all, I chose a tiny chick which says I’m a softy; for Emily, who works with me every day, the choice was obvious: a fabulous monkey, because, dear Em,  you’re fun to hang out with, for Ravinder, who I met when I moved back to London and who I’d like to see more, the elegant goose, who says Let’s Play!


I was particularly pleased with my choice for Jackie, who moved to New York with me on a whim seven years ago and who had the guts to switch careers (enormously successfully): I gave her the eagle, which means live free. Here’s Jackie the day after dinner wearing hers.


And here she is again!


I think they would make wonderful New Year presents: a reaffirmation for the months ahead. And, of course, the wonderful thing is that they are inherently beautiful pieces of jewellery.

And here are more photos of the charms and the tabletop I designed for Dodo.


The beautiful Dodo store in London is on Sloane Square (details here),  they are also available on the Dodo website here, and in London at Selfridges and at Harrods. Stockists around the globe can be found here

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These are beautiful, so simple and I love that they all have a meaning to them, it makes them perfect for gifts.


Hello LLG
I wanted to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!
And to P’bad who seems to enjoy Christmas everyday!!
I look forward to your posts in the new year.
All the best


These are beautifully simple and so chic. The messages behind them are a great idea! x


How lovely, That sausage dog charm is a must-have.

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