I think this may be the cheapest Daily Beauty story I’ve run on LLG: at £2 this comb is not going to make a massive dent in your finances, but it will make a difference to your hair.

It does require an extra two or three minutes in the shower in the morning which, if you are like me and can be in and out of the bathroom in five, is an investment in time, but I’ve discovered that if I comb  conditioner through my hair under the shower it makes an extraordinary difference to the way my hair both looks and feels.

My poker straight hair tangles as soon as look at it, and I am fed up with pulling great chunks out as I tug at knots after I’ve towelled off my head in the mornings. This method helps prevent breakage by placing less stress on the hair when it’s covered with emollient conditioner: you can feel the smooth softness the moment you finish combing.

My sister has been doing this for years: I wish I had listened to her.

Detangling Comb £2 from M&S


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Good way to get rid of nits too. Not that I’m suggesting you have them, just a useful tip.


@Julia: haha! No children in this household, so fingers crossed! LLGxx

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