A Weekend in LLG: Coach Skating at Somerset House, Night Tales in Dalston & some Kigu action…

by Sasha Wilkins on November 13, 2013 · 2 comments


So: the weekend. I started out bright and early on Friday, with an 8am pre-store opening look at the new Kate Spade pop up installation in Selfridges. I worked all day, and awarded myself a social life as a present. I met a trip of  Emilys – band manager Em, LLG assistant Emily and Emily Fashion Foie Gras at at Somerset House for Emily FG’s skate party, given with Coach to launch this year’s ice rink.

kate-spade-selfridges-popup kate-spade-selfridges-popup


That’s me looking terrified at top, Emily FG above, and Navaz from Disneyrollergirl below. My excuse, and I am sticking to it, is that I learnt to skate on figure skates, and these were terrifying blades. They lack the serrated toe blade I am used to, so I couldn’t work out how to push off, stop, or propel myself along. Horrific. I did one lap out of pride, but hoofed it off the rink after that in search of Champagne.



Emily  (band manager) and I then headed over to Dalston for Night Tales, a street food market in a car park off the Kingsland Road, which will be running from Thursday through to Saturday every week up until Christmas.


2013-11-08 20.47.20

There were plenty of delicious things to eat, from many of London’s favourite on the hoof food purveyors, including Smokey Tails Southern US BBQ joint, and Bao.  Emily went down the Patty & Bun route; I went Rainbo Gyoza Freedom Box as per.



It’s a shame we were feeling so end-of-weekishly knackerd, as there was a brilliant atmosphere, great DJ, and a lot of alcohol around. I rather fancied a warm Negroni…but really we were there to eat and to catch up.

We sat on a bale to eat, but didn’t realise just how cold we were getting until we left: essentially we were sitting outside: the  impressive 25ft canopy was deceptive. So we headed back down the Kingsland Road to Shoreditch House for hot toddies, a cheese plate chaser and chatting.

(It was properly lovely to see Emily again: we’ve had one of those hyper busy years where we just don’t seem to have managed to mesh our lives together, and I am very pleased we are back in touch.)

Next time I indulge in outdoor eating pursuits I am wearing layers of HeatTech and a bobble hat…I may not look hot but I will be toasty warm… Of course I could just give up and wear my Kigu Suit, otherwise known as my TabbyCat onesie in public…


Or maybe not.

By Saturday I was feeling dog-deprived, so I dognapped Posetta. We are a perfect human-canine partnership, given that we both love duvets so much.


Sunday morning was all about Columbia Road flower market, and armfuls of roses.


I came home to discover madam all tucked up, and giving me a serious case of side eye.


She forgave me quite quickly: that sausage dog knows full well which side its bread is buttered.


Thank you to Night Tales for hosting Emily and me.
www.facebook.com/nighttalesLDN www.nighttales.co.uk

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Nish November 14, 2013 at 02:04

OMG, those last two shots are so precious. PB is adorable :)


Gina Gill November 24, 2013 at 18:58

You look positively adorable in that Onesie…and ever so cosy too, think I may have to invest in one of those…


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