I was supposed to be flying to Moscow on Friday to attend Moscow Fashion Week, but we couldn’t arrange visas in time. That gave me three wholly empty days in my diary, which was the most extraordinary luxury. I met a friend in the afternoon on Friday to walk our dogs in Regent’s Park, and shoot hers for Dog of the Day. I do like a good walk and talk multitasking mission.


They were dismantling the Frieze Masters art fair tent in the Park – I had no idea of the scale until I saw its carapace standing there.


On Saturday Posetta and I woke early, collected my sister from Gospel Oak, and drove her to Marylebone Station. I wanted to put her on the train, as she had two bags and the dog (in her Oka carrier, a present from our father, which she loves, and jumps into whenever she gets the chance), and not only is it a long walk to the platform, she doesn’t really have the strength to carry much. I was so impressed with the charming staff at the station, who really went the extra mile to help us out.

I’m afraid that after I had seen her safely into her seat, I went home and slept, basically. Read, ate and slept. And slept some more. God it was good. I averaged about four hours a night for the preceding week, so a sleep catchup was long overdue.


Sunday I woke early to bright blue skies, and no sense of the impending storms – and also no idea that the clocks were going back. I cleaned and tidied, drank three espresso shots  and worked and worked and worked on LLG admin. All that travelling I have been doing lately has left me with a bulging inbox. Even though I check, delete, reply as much as I can on the hoof, it was a salutatory lesson yesterday to discover just how many emails get overlooked when you are working remotely from a smartphone.

And goodness it takes forever to wade through them all: I dealt with my inbox solidly from 1400 until 330 am – and I still have 100 undealt with emails from October – and I barely looked at September! (If anyone is waiting for a response for me: many apologies…)


Just a random add: I was sent these Gail’s Bakery’s Halloween offerings last week: those frosted brain cupcakes are absolutely scrumptious – they have fresh raspberries buried inside. They do look particularly gory when you eat them! YUM YUM YUM


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Oh my god, those dog photos! Well, really, the dogs! I just want to snuggle!

Shani x


Loving P Bad’s action shot. Glad you had a restful weekend Sasha.


Sounds just what the doctor ordered. xx


Posetta’s little face in that last shot! I want to squish her!

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