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Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair isn’t exactly an unknown product, nor is it a new beauty proposition: massage a super charged serum into your skin overnight and, in time your skin will feel and, hopefully, look better.

So, why I am including it in The The Daily Beauty? Well, firstly because I do think it is truly efficacious, and I am not alone here: I know more than a few editors who swear by it. Secondly, this Lauder hero product, which has always delivered a heft whack of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to the skin has had a reboot, to take advantage of 21st century advances in beauty research, and currently has 25+ patents & patents pending worldwide.

So now, along with that antioxidant action, which hopes to strengthen and repair the skin from the daily pollution it faces, and the plumping hyaluronic acid,  Estee Lauder has looked at helping the skin renew itself. Basically: it promises that lines and wrinkles will look significantly reduced, that skin will feels smoother, hydrated, stronger.

I’m lucky enough at my age not to really have any wrinkles, but the thing I have noticed is that my skin always looks plumper on mornings when I have used this, and that it looks less pillow-creased. And, of course, the plumper your face, the less any lines will show.I’ve also noticed that when I rinse my face in the shower in the morning it really does feel smoother, almost silkier, and I no longer have dry patches on my tricky skin.

There does seem to be a misconception that the big guns of anti-aging like Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair are for middle-aged skin, but I utterly refute this: I strongly believe that as you move into your thirties it’s time to combine the healing properties of sleep with a dose of goodness for your skin. With luck, that’s at least seven hours that you can dedicate to your face’s wellbeing, with practically zero effort on your part.


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I love this product. Combined with Revitalising Supreme it pretty much sorts my dehydrated skin out. Can’t wait to try the new version.


This product and Darphin – love, love, love. I swear they’re almost magical.

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