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M&S Your Beauty never ceases to surprise me with its interesting buy and the sheer breadth of truly efficacious brands that are either hard to find elsewhere, or exclusive to them. At the recent dinner to celebrate its success , we were given a bag of their latest stock to try, and this BB cream from  Laboratoires Filorga caught my eye, simply because I knew nothing whatsoever about the brand.

A little research – okay some light Googling, reveals it’s a French pharma brand, which specialised in anti-aging mesotherapy, glycolic peels, and injectable dermal fillers until 2007 when they launched “the first French dermo-cosmetic range directly inspired by aesthetic medicine”.

This BB cream is marketed as an all-in-one perfecting cream, which aims to target wrinkles, redness and minor skin flaws. I certainly can’t promise that this cream will make wrinkles disappear, but the reason I really like it is because it glides smoothly over my rosacea-reddened skin, but without looking either chalky or feeling thick, tacky and un-supple on the skin, as some BB creams are wont to do.

It’s not a foundation, so I wouldn’t expect it to cover all my blemishes and flaws, but it certainly evens out my complexion enough for me not to bother with a foundation when I am working from home and, when I do choose to use a base, it also makes a lovely supple primer for foundation.

My skin reacts very quickly to irritants, coming out in all sorts of delightful lumps and bumps if I put something suspect on my skin, and this cream has, so far, proved entirely benign on that front.

 Laboratoires Filorga BB Perfect Anti-Aging Beauty Balm 30ml £35


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