Image from The Wall Street Journal, featuring jewellery from Woolley & Wallis; Les Enluminures; Berganza; Museum of London)

Funny old world. I turn to digital, after more than a few years as a fashion journalist, editor and stylist, and think that I’m probably not going to continue writing for other people, and then along come a series of commissions that I just couldn’t resist. (Thank you Red and London Fashion Week’s The Daily.) Sod’s Law really: all those years pitching as a freelancer…

And today (Friday) I am super excited to have the cover story in The Wall Street Journal Europe’s Off Duty section, on the, ahem, renaissance of interest in antique jewellery. This is a particular passion of mine (you may remember I spent a wonderful day at Masterpiece London earlier this year), and when I was on The Wall Street Journal in New York I both wrote about jewellery, and commissioned stories on the subject.

Antique jewellery is often overlooked in favour of its more flashy modern brethren but, in the words of the fascinating John Benjamin, “at a time of great homogeneity, antique jewelry does convey a real sense of the individual, which is why I like it so much”.

The story is here.

WSJ off duty cover

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I love jewelry, although I’ve only lately started looking into vintage pieces. I am very superstitious though, so I won’t buy anything that looks like it might have been an engagement or wedding ring for fear that perhaps that relationship ended tragically and I don’t want that energy to transfer to me. It’s completely irrational but I’m sticking to it!


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh this is EXCITING – my obsession as you know!!!!!! Great stuff Fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Loved the jewellery; especially from Les Enluminures.


Hi Sasha, gorgeous jewellery 🙂

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