A Day in the Life - Zara Juricic founder and designer of Crumpet

As you may know from reading the blog, I am a big wearer of lovely knitted things. The lovely chic cashmere from English label Crumpet has always been on my list (you may have seen this post with me wearing their new cashmere biker jacket), and I am very pleased that Zara Juricic, founder and designer of Crumpet is next up in my Day in the Life series, although in this case, Zara has written a how I make it work for us. Zara has also arranged a special 20% discount code for LLG readers (details at end of post.)

A Day in the Life - Zara Juricic founder and designer of Crumpet

Over to Zara:

My day starts noisily with our three boys..the eldest one is twelve going on sixteen and impossible to get going in the morning. If I can get him up and out of the house without losing my temper – it’s wonderful.

We live out in the countryside on the River Stour which is right at the top of Essex, so we drive in to our local town where the kids go to school and our offices are. I run Crumpet with my husband, so usually he does this morning run getting the kids to school.

I’m on a big health kick at the moment. We used to live in LA where we had a house in Venice Beach (my husband is from the USA) where I discovered the Beach Body fitness DVDs. I’m also into wild swimming. When I was a child my Father used to take us from our house in Knightsbridge to the Serpentine to swim lengths so I guess it’s in my blood! I now swim in the river at the bottom of our garden on a regular basis. I love it.

I start the day with a kickboxing DVD and then have a Dr Schulze super-food smoothie with frozen berries and whey protein. I’ll then get ready for work and depending on my day or who I’m meeting, choose something that just feels right. Today I’m wearing a J Crew Black Tee with a vintage silk printed Hardy Amies skirt and some gorgeous Spanish wedge sandals that I picked up at a trade show in Paris.

Then it’s twenty minutes in the car and into the office. My days are super varied: for example I could be designing the upcoming collection, which involces looking at bestselling styles, new yarns, new colours, new prints, trawling the internet.

A Day in the Life - Zara Juricic founder and designer of Crumpet

At the moment at Crumpet we are working on an exciting collaboration with Anthropologie designing some limited edition printed sweaters for December. I’m off to Tokyo later this month as well as Crumpet are involved in a big project with some major Japanese department stores for a special mixed yarn collection.

We do pretty much everything in house which gives us a lot of freedom and means we can respond to things fast, which I like. Sometimes it’s meetings for finances and logistics. I like the overview and really enjoy the thrill of building a business but detail is not my strongpoint. Fortunately, my husband runs all the real nuts and bolts of the business and as long as I nod in the right places, I tend to get away with it.

PR and Sales happen in London. We work with a team of great people, so one or two days a week, I jump on the train to London. It’s quick and I can be at Liverpool Street in less than an hour. Then I might have meetings in town, a quick scan around to see what’s out and about – I like Liberty, Topshop and Zara for seeing what’s new and will be interested to see J Crew when it opens.

If I’m in London then I will try to meet a friend for a coffee or a drink after work before heading back on the train. Sometimes it’s out for dinner but usually I’m happy to head home. I have had to be in town for meetings and get back in time to pick kids up from school before and that’s a nightmare, so now I make sure that everything is taken care of on the home front.

A Day in the Life - Zara Juricic founder and designer of Crumpet

A couple of times a week, I pick the boys up from school. I like to see everyone at the gates and let the teachers see my face. Then it’s home, food, homework, shouting and general mayhem! If somebody else has picked the boys from school, they will have fed them and started on homework – walking in on that is a breeze.

Winter out in the countryside means that the evening starts very early as it is dark by the time we get home. So those evenings are house bound and involve dinner, box sets and baths. Summers are amazing, get home, have a barbecue, swim in the river, bounce on our Olympic trampoline and generally hang out.

Travel. Yes, I travel. It’s not a ridiculous amount at all. I’m away probably every two or three months for about a week or two . I visit Hong Kong, Nepal, Japan, Paris and New York. It completely depends what needs doing or where an opportunity may arise. Our production is in Nepal and Hong Kong so those are the places I visit all the time. I enjoy the time away as it really clears my head but am usually ready to come home after a week.

A Day in the Life - Zara Juricic founder and designer of Crumpet

I enjoy my life. Sometimes it’s a lot to juggle but I have an amazing team of really committed people and feel privileged to get to do what I love to do on a daily basis.

Zara has very kindly arranged a special 20% discount code for LLG readers. Simply enter LLG20 at checkout. www.crumpetcashmere.com

T&Cs: This voucher can only be used on full priced items and excludes sale or promotional items. This discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer will expire 25/10/2013.

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Thank you for the lovely discount code. I can’t wait to see the collection for your collaboration with Anthropologie in December.


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