The Power 1000: London’s Most Influential People 2013

by Sasha Wilkins on September 24, 2013 · 22 comments


To be honest I found the news hard to process when I was told that I was on The Evening Standard’s London’s Most Influential People list in 2012, our extraordinary Olympic year, and when I was invited to this year’s party at Battersea Power Station last Thursday I presumed it was as party filler, having been previously included.

So I was gobsmacked when a friend bounded up to Richard and me to say congratulations half way through the evening. (The list wasn’t published until 9pm.) Two years in a a row!

It didn’t really sink in though until we left and looked up at the huge chimneys of Battersea with the Power 1000 logo projected up on high. I’m thrilled to have been included twice, and especially as a blogger, amongst a list of imaginative and innovative people that I respect, admire, and like from the worlds of fashion, design, tech, law, business, art, drama and more.


The seven year anniversary of LLG was a few weeks ago, and that knowledge is just as hard to process as my inclusion on these lists. I owe huge thanks, of course, to all of you, because without my readers, there would be a blog, but there wouldn’t be these achievements, which do mean a lot to me and my family, and for that I am profoundly grateful for every single reader who takes the time to read, to comment, to challenge, to listen, to support, to write, to turn up.

Here’s me and Richard looking cheery at the party. The full Power List is here.


I do wish tho that they hadn’t put in my bio that I had built my ‘entire career’ around LLG. My previous career in publishing, as editor, stylist and journalist, and my experiences both good and bad within it, gave me the skills I needed to take this blogging adventure full time…


Picture at top: Alex Lentati for The Evening Standard

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