Fashion designer Emma Cook makes beautiful pieces for women; her dresses in particular are glorious, and I am very pleased that, during London Fashion Week, we are running her A Day in the Life.

I set my alarm for 6.45am, though I don’t really need it as my son comes and gets in bed at this time every morning.  I have a coffee in bed and a chat with him and my husband, then at 7am I go for a run around the park. It’s not that far, but nice to feel like I have seen some of the day before I start work.


I get back at 7.30, (Sonny times me), by which time he is up in the kitchen. We all eat breakfast together and I make a packed lunch and tidy the kitchen, then I have a shower and get us both dressed. I don’t take very long to get dressed and it’s not that thought out.

I run the business together with my husband but we try to wait until we are in the studio before we talk about work. We leave the house at 8.45am, and I drop Sonny to school and have a chat with the other mums.

I can walk to work and so I arrive at work by 9.15am. The rest of the team are already here and I make some tea and we go over what we are doing today. Next I check my emails and sort out any problems. I have a look through the sell through reports that we are sent from our bigger stockists, its really interesting to keep up with what is selling in stores.


What we are working on changes from day to day, as we are working on (in some way) 4 seasons at any one time. Today we are mostly working on the SS14 collection, and I am working with Lauren who is packing up the collection ready to send down to the London Showroom on Friday. We are also finalising the prices and preparing the sales book , which shows the styles and the colour options available. Neil is working on the look book images that we shot last week ready to send to the PR team.


The studio is always busy and other people are working on other things, such as sending out garments that have been bought on the online shop, sending out a few remaining AW13 deliveries to stores, organising the RES14 samples to be sent to the PR company, along with patterns and labels for the RES14 production. We have just finished the design on the new PRE AW14 collection and so someone is liaising with the supplier to ensure that the samples will be here on time, and we can see fabrics and print tests along the way.

I eat lunch at my desk, that I made before work. We don’t generally work long days anymore and I can manage this by being really efficient during the day and eating whist working is one of the ways! Shona Heath (one of my closest friends) calls in to say hello, she works in the studio next door and is a (very good!) set designer. She shows me the  images of a campaign that she is working on and I show her the photos of the SS14 collection that we shot last week. Shona helped with the suggestions of the location and set. We help each other with ideas all of the time and it’s great to have an outside opinion on things.

After lunch I put up some new research that I have gathered up onto the new season inspiration wall. We will start work on the collection next week and so its nice to have it up for a while before we begin to help get me thinking of ideas.

(still from the Emma Cook SS14 video)

We are preparing all of the images for our SS14 promotional film this week. We will be filming a stop frame animation using the images that we shot during the look book shoot last week and so Abbie is printing hundreds and hundreds of paper images and everyone will be helping cut towards the end of the week in preparation for the shoot on Monday.

At 4.45 I leave to collect Sonny from school. We go home and I cook tea and at 6.30 my husband arrives back so we can all eat dinner together and talk about our day. We read some books and do any homework if he has any. At around 7.30 I give Sonny a bath and read him bedtime stories.

8.00pm I tidy up and do any washing, then we usually watch some TV or read and get to bed around 10.


You can find Emma Cook at ASOS here, at Matches here, and at www.emmacook.co.uk

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Sounds like a great work-life-balance and interesting to hear about your daily life. I love the clothes. Very feminine and chic:)



@Carry My Style: Emma is so inspiring, isn’t she? LLGxx


Have to agree it’s really refreshing to hear about someone who’s clearly very successful in her field managing to calmly run every aspect of her life, without the usual woe-is-me/superwoman schtick. Kudos.


Great blog! So inspiring. A must read for all aspiring designers.

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