That’s me above, blurrily staring at the mirror in my hotel room in Rio after I arrived from London. I can’t quite believe I was there: fifty hours travelling and apart from the event on Wednesday night, I only left my room once to forage for food, due to an overwhelming pile of work to plough through.

Anyway, I am now back in England after my lightening trip to Brazil for Rio Discute Mode International 2013. I left on Bank Holiday Monday, and arrived back at 5pm last Friday, so no wonder I keep zonking out. I lost a large chunk of  Monday, and yesterday I managed to fall asleep at my desk, waking two hours later to discover I had missed two work events. Duh. I always think I don’t really get affected by jetlag but, as I get older, I’m realising that it hits me at the most unexpected times. I haven’t travelled nearly as much as is normal for me this year, mainly I’ve been to Paris a lot and spent time exploring the British Isles, but this autumn is shaping up to be fairly well-travelled.

London is quiet at the moment for me: with New York Fashion Week about to kick off, there are relatively few events or meetings going on as either potential attendees will be Manhattan, or they are battening down the hatches in preparation for London Fashion Week. Which is A Good Thing, as I have a massive writing project upon which I am focussing, and then I’m off to Ukraine on Monday for 72hours for a whistle stop tour with a client: of all the former USSR, I’ve only been to Moscow before, so am thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Kiev.

I’m only attending LFW this season, which kicks off a week Friday, so I’ll be disappearing down that particular rabbit hole for five days. There is so much good stuff going on in British fashion right now, and I am excited to support our extraordinary home grown industry – and in a way it is rather a relief not to have to worry about New York, Milan or Paris fashion weeks this season. (And thrilling not to have to find a closet of new season appropriate clothes and shoes out of thin air.)

Speaking of which, I have embarked upon a health regime. Fed up with hearing me grizzle about my tummy rolls, a result of eating everything in sight over the summer, my sister has challenged me to lose a stone/14lbs over the next two months, so I am embarking upon the 5:2 regime. As Emily says, it’s the cheapest way to go shopping: I have drawers stuffed full of clothes into which I cannot fit, so I am looking forward to a hugely expanded wardrobe come the beginning of November.


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So true, I could do with losing a stone too, I have so many unworn items I am desperate to wear. A whole wardrobe-full in fact, so yes this has given me the incentive to stop bingeing on chocolate, cake and biscuits.

The jetlag will play havoc with your weight too, but now things are settling down you will be in tip-top shape in no time.

Hope you feel much better soon.


So many people, myself included have put on weight this summer. Not really sure why. Actually I know exactly why – eating too much and not exercising enough but I don’t know why it’s more so this summer than usual. x


5:2 is great and easy to do so good luck, you will like the results!


I hear ya, I keep buying clothes that are a bit too small for me hoping I will drop a stone and be able to wear them. Since Monday I’ve ditched bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and my love – cookies. Two months is a good mount if time to do it. I hope you keep us up to date with how are getting on.

Best of luck.



Good luck. I’ve just lost 58 pounds…as I can’t exercise much due to other constraints, it’s taken about a year. A stone shouldn’t be that difficult considering all the hopping around you do…though the temptations at work events, oh yes. I remember that..



I’ve just lost 18lbs on 5:2. Tough at the beginning but has worked like a dream, feeling so much better for it in every way. Good luck!


Good luck with the 5:2. I don’t do diets but I decided to give this one a go and am happy to say that I’ve lost a stone and suddenly fit into lots of clothes again. It really isn’t that difficult.


Such a good idea, I have lots of clothes that would fit better without these extra pounds. There is so much money sitting useless in the drawers.


I like 5;2 it works well for me Ive gently lost 10 pounds since March, and I feel a lot better for it too.


What is this 5:2 regime and does it include dauphinoise and peach and almond cake??! Just asking since my husband has just declared he also needs to lose a stone just as I have started to really enjoy cooking!! So annoying that eating can cause weight gain …. Grrrrr!

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