About a month ago I arrived in a spa hotel for a seven day stay only to discover that it had no viable wireless connection: there was something fitful going on if you stood at reception and waved a phone around optimistically, but forget trying to get online in your room. There were a few tears and a bit of suitcase kicking, before I promptly checked myself out the next morning and returned home in a vile mood. (I have a business to run, rent to pay, and no partner to pick up any fiscal slack: it would be lovely to check out for a week, but it isn’t feasible.)

A rather clever publicist emailed me that day to say that she had seen my blog, and wondered if she could lend me the new EE 4G wifi Huawei modem, to enable me to get online when I found myself in random places or on the hoof.

To use my favourite phrase: HELL YEAH.

So it arrived, and I checked it worked, but didn’t use it again until I hopped off to Wilderness last weekend. And then oh my goodness was I a happy bunny. For, whilst SMS and phone calls worked fine – very old school – any data usage was a big no no. The modem didn’t have much luck picking up a signal in the main part of the festival fields – fair enough: there were 15 000 people all desperately trying to Tweet their lunch, back in the yurt of dreams we were able to link up three tablets and two smartphones simultaneously and get on line within seconds. It really could not have been more simple. And I know that we were in the minority of people able to get on line.

So will I be buying one of these when I have to return it from whence it came?


Not only is it really super fast, even in a field in deepest darkest Oxfordshire, it can support up to 10 WiFi devices with 10 hours of battery life. You can also use any BT Wi-Fi hotspot and London Underground WiFi for free.

So the damage: If you sign up for 24months you can get 3GB a month for £15.99 with the device free and a one off payment of £19.99. Or you can go monthly for 3GB £15.99 and a one off payment of £69.99.

(According to the online calculator, 3GB is enough for heavy browsing/social media/email usage: I don’t watch films/play games et con line. But if you did this baby is fast enough to both download and play,)

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Oh if only I known. I was at Wilderness standing in a tent on one leg in my pants contorting myself into a variety of (impressive) shapes to try to tap into a glimmer of hope of tinternet. But nay. All I got was back ache. This wee gadget of miracles is on my shopping list. Thank you, Miss Techy Obi-Wan Kenobi X


@Poppy Loves: oh bum. If only I had known we could have had an LLG mifi thing going on. I like the idea that we could randomly and unseeingly pass each other in the festival crowd and the modem in my pocket would suddenly cause your smartphone to ping into life! LLGxx


@LLG: Hmm upon re-reading that all sounded a little bit Blackadder-ish. Think it’s time for bed.


That sounds like a very reasonably priced business expense. Because, though you may be aware, a lot of your readers may not, that cellular data is much more secure than even password protected WiFi you get in hotels or coffee shops.

The odds are certainly against it, but it is definitely possible for anyone sharing your Internet connection to gain access to your computer. I know of someone who actually changed the name of a neighbor’s wireless network in order to give him a hint to set a password.

We can do so much with our phones and tablets these days. But I have been having to jump through the most convoluted hoops the last two weeks because the cable company ran into a glitch setting up an account for our new apartment. While I manged to accomplish at least 90% of what I needed to do, I still had to use someone else’s wifi one time and go to a paid business center twice because I needed to print an online document from my laptop.

So these devices can easily justify their costs. Still, I’m looking forward to the day when we don’t need a laptop at all. An ultraportable letter sized tablet compatible printer would go an enormous way toward that goal, even though I often go literally months without printing anything. I can’t imagine what’s taking so long. Of course, if I was ever able to ditch my computer, I’d have to get a keyboard case for my tablet. It would be worth it.


@Rebecca: It’s odd, because back in the mid 90s I actually had a portable printer that I inherited from my father that was A4 in size. I wonder why they haven’t become more popular.

Yup, I’m really impressed with the mifi unites that I have used. They are a great stopgap too when, as you say, cable providers prove unreliable. LLGxx


Would this be a viable alternative to a home router? Our internet is RUBBISH where we live and as my business is based from home I’m looking for a faster alternative….AND we don’t have infinity yet…

Would love your advice!


Lauren x


@Lauren: Hmm I’d hate to give an answer because I realyl do not know enough. I don’t *think* they do an unlimited plan, so I think you would find it too expensive as a sole source. But I guess you need to check with EE LLGxx


You’ve tipped me over the brink…
But, neither EE store in Westfield had stock, so I hied me to CWherehouse.
Make very sure that they do NOT give you a combi SIM (where the mini can be broken out): it won’t work as the manual sweetly points out, as you discover when you get back home. Caveat emptor.



@Tim: oh no! Caveat emptor indeed! Well, I hope it turns out to be worth all the hassle. And what muppets at CW. LLGxx

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