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Someone asked me the other day which bags I use for overnight stays, or weekend trips, and a week later I realised I had the perfect opportunity to show you when I went away for a week in my car, and my luggage all lined up in a hotel room for me.

It’s a very little two seater sports car, so I can’t fit a case in the  very shallow boot (trunk), so everything has to go in soft bags, so that I can squish in the maximum amount.

Mainly I swear by Bric’s overnight bags, specifically the Life Weekender: Holdall I’ve had that navy bag in the trademark pebbled leather  (four along) since the late 90s and it still looks like it’s maybe a year old. Astonishingly good quality, and worth every single penny. It also looks exceedingly smart: the kind of bag I would never be embarrassed to see the bellman haul out the car. (Although I write as the girl who has no shame about revealing a boot full of overstuffed plastic carrier bags to a bellman,) I often stuff it with shoes and check it into the hold as my second bag, when I am lucky enough to travel Business. I think I might buy another one: I just can’t recommend them highly enough.

I couldn’t find the rectangular brown Bric’s bag anywhere on line (I found it in the attic at my family home just before we moved house a few years ago.) It’s a great shape because, although it is still soft sided, the straight sides means you can pack piles of ironed clothes an they don;t crease in transit.

Plum & Ashby are a lovely new online homes and interiors retailer, and they sent me their signature hessian bag. I’ve been using it all summer, as it is both unusually large, and unusually sturdy, with its leather handles, and square base.

The lovely Plia Reid Satchel bag, which I wrote about earlier in the week, is my current large handbag: it’s great for trips as it fits my laptop.

Either I travel with a tiny clear plastic washbag stuffed with miniature essentials, or I go completely overboard and take an old school vanity case, elegantly filled with full size products. When I worked on the launch of Conde Nast Traveller magazine in the late 90s I was in charge of ordering all the luggage for the fashion department. Back in those days Globetrotters weren’t very expensive, and every fashion magazine in the country used them as their big cases for shoots.

We ordered straight from the company at wholesale prices, and I am afraid to say that when I saw the bargainous pricing I immediately rang my mother and sister, and we all ordered ourselves a range of cases each. I have a Navy Original medium suitcase (the 26″ shown here in New York), and this vanity case. I think it cost me a now unbelievable £65 (they currently retail for £465). Happy days. Sadly the exterior is a little knackered, (but I rather like the fact that it looks properly used), but the interior has stayed immaculate through the years of use.

From Left to right: Plum & Ashby hessian tote, Plia Reid Satchel, Brics brown bag, Brics duffel bagGlobetrotter Navy Classic Travel Case

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Your globetrotter travel case is fabulous. I will have to keep a look out xx


can we buy the hessian tote? I can’t see it on their website but it’s great!


@Rose: Hi Rose, it will be up on their website this evening. LLG


Oh Sasha – we are soul sisters. I am OBSESSED with my Brics bags! I have their wheeled duffle in three sizes and like you, I’m happy to arrive with them at the grandest hotels. They were a serious investment but I’ve had them over ten years of very hard use and they are still great. They’ve been around the world several times. I also have a Globetrotter I’ve had since the 1980s with all the patina of extensive use, but while I love it, it’s just not practical compared to a chic bag you can wheel. xxx


Great pieces! I’m a total luggage fanatic – Loving those Brics pieces! <3


Love those bags, short and comfortable! Though I don’t travel much, I never needed large bags.

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